Benefits of water and lemon slimming

Benefits of water and lemon slimming


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Water and lemon

Lemon water is prepared by mixing lemon juice with water, and is characterized by that it is possible to drink, whether hot or cold, as the amount of lemon added according to personal desires differ, in terms of adding some picks some ingredients to improve the flavor, such as; Mint leaves or lemon peel, and many common allegations that drinking hot with lemon drink healthy water; Specifically in the morning it can offer many benefits, but there are not enough studies to confirm these benefits. [1] [2]

Benefits of water and lemon slimming

There is nothing to prove that the lemon has a water role in weight loss, and weight loss that go unnoticed some of those who follow this recipe may be caused by the loss of water weight in the body rather than fat, because the storage of one gram of glycogen in the liver and muscles requires association three molecules of water, and thus in the absence of carbohydrate consumption and dependence on water and lemon, the body consumes this glycogen store, which leads to depletion of this stock during the short period of time, and it appears in the form of loss of sudden weight loss, and in the case of return for the consumption of natural food again, the body which will store glycogen and ran back the weight again deficiency. [3]

On the other hand water consumption with the effect of lemon which pointed him some studies have possessed that water consumption with diet limited calorie before meals consumption may enhance the feeling of fullness and fullness, which may contribute to the reduction of calories Almsthlku, which can help weight loss, but it is observed in the elderly who are obese or overweight, and may return this effect of lemons because of the low calorie amounts consumed by participants from foods, such as reported by a study published in 2008 in the Journal of the American Journal of Dietetic Association, [4 ] another study published in the Journal of Obesity in 2010, [5] which indicates that the water may be a way to control weight for this category in particular that the usual water consumption seems much lower than the recommended levels. [6] [3] the adolescents who suffer from overweight and obesity have not noticed this effect they have, depending on what I said a study published in JAMA Pediatrics magazine in 2017. [7]

It is believed by some preliminary studies that lemon peel content of secondary plant material may increase the fatty acid oxidation and reduces obesity, such as a study on mice and published Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition in 2008, given the mice which extract polyphenols from lemon peel, and the observed inhibition fat accumulation and weight gain among these mice, but this study, preliminary and uncertain, it is not known whether this effect applies to humans, [8] and also do not know whether this result also apply to the lemonade. [3]

To read more information about the general benefits of Lemon can refer to an article the advantages and disadvantages of lemon.

Modus operandi of water Lemon Weight Loss

There is no specific way to drink lemon with water to lose weight but in general this mixture can be prepared by the age of half a lemon in a glass of water, [9] To add flavor to this drink can use some mint leaves, or a slice of fresh ginger, or cinnamon stick , or a pinch of turmeric, as can also add slices of fruits and other fresh citrus, such as; Lemon Green (in English: Limes), orange, or cucumber slices, and fast means to get water lemon easily ice cubes for fruit lemon, so by pressing the juice of fresh lemon in trays, ice cubes and frozen, and then add a few cubes in a glass of cold water or hot as needed. [10]

How to use lemon to lose weight

No information about how to use the lemon to lose weight are available, but you can use lemon parts in several ways, including the use of lemon slices by adding garnish in fish dish or meat or with iced tea or hot, or lemon juice which is available form of fresh or canned, or the center, or frozen or even dried, which is added primarily for making Allimonada or what is also called lemon juice, or soft drinks or other beverages. [11 crushed]

Water and lemon damage

Can cause drinking water and lemon side some impacts that must be wary of them, and these effects recall the following: [10]

  • Lemon contains citric acid, which may cause erosion of tooth enamel, and to reduce this risk is advisable to drink water lemon through the use of sticks for drinking and washing straw mouth with plain water after that.
  • Can cause available citric acid in the lemon water heartburn in some people, but in return may relieve this pain heartburn among others, it can be tested and testing its impact on the body.
  • Some people suffer from going frequent water cycle when drinking lemon water, and despite the belief that vitamin C is often generating urine, but the evidence does not show that vitamin C consumption of natural resources has these income-generating effects of Paul, and in the case of suffering from that when drinking lemon water back often to increase the amount of water consumed.


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