Benefits of Vaseline Hair Oil

Benefits of Vaseline Hair Oil


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Vaseline oil

Vaseline, and has other names, such as paraffin soft, or hydrocarbons, found in every house, was discovered by Robert Chiezippero, and used since antiquity in several purposes, is the synthetic soft fatty, do not dissolve in water, oil origin and free of Alzenkh and bad smell .

Vaseline is used in the treatment of hair problems at home, in addition to moisturizing the skin and get rid of Thqqath, because fatty properties, and must take into account the skin type and hair intended use Vaseline for them, so it is advisable to consult specialists so.

Benefits of Vaseline Hair Oil

  • Vaseline works on hair straighteners hotlink, which prevents interconnected again after Layering, prevents hair loss resulting from Layering.
  • Increase gloss hair and Tohjh, because it contains a percentage of fat.
  • Prevents hair and pounding Teixrh.
  • It increases hair growth.
  • Hair loss treatment.
  • Hair extension and the duration is very short.
  • Alleviation of dry hair.

Vaseline damage

  • Vaseline petroleum products which is heavy on the skin, leading to cause damage to the skin such as working to fill pores, making it not breathe, and oxidizing pale.
  • Working to increase the proportion of fat in the hair and oily skin.

How to use Vaseline oil


  • Large three and a half tablespoons of bees wax grated.
  • A quarter cup of olive oil.

How to prepare

  • Put the previous ingredients in a bowl.
  • The introduction of the previous mixture into a microwave oven for two minutes.
  • Wait until the mixture melts, then do move it.
  • Leaving it to cool down.
  • Stirred occasionally even freezes.
  • After stagnation placed in an empty, clean bowl and sterile.

Ways to develop and remove Vaseline hair

  • Way put it: Vaseline oil is placed after washing hair, where it is placed little Vaseline oil in a machine gun box, then put a small amount of water on it, and then sprayed on the hair it is wet.
  • Remove method: In the case of the inability to Ghazala vaseline shampooed, it is removed by adding a teaspoon of shampoo Bayekrbunat soda, then bathing them.

Uses Vaseline oil

  • Used by fishermen as bait in fishing hooks.
  • Women and use it to remove make-up for the eyes.
  • It is used in the coating of the parties cables car battery to prevent corrosion.
  • And Adhnh before diving Swimmers in the icy water.
  • Remove gum from hair.
  • Remove the ring finger is stuck.
  • Greasing wheels ski boots.
  • Avoid steel used machines outside the home.
  • Prevent access to paint windows and floors.
  • Open nail polish cover.
  • Sliding shower curtain easily.
  • Treatment of chapped lips and remove lipstick.
  • Prevent pregnant women from sticking to the refrigerator.
  • Lack of access shampoo to the baby's eyes while showering.
  • Polishing leather shoes.


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