Benefits of thyme stomach

Benefits of thyme stomach


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It called thyme it is also the name of thyme, one of the most widely used herbs among the people, and is one of the plants that belong to the family Alhvujat, and the advantage that it has a strong aromatic smell, and taste bitter hot, nicknamed as the delightful mountains; Because it gives the smell of the mountains Zakia, it contains thyme on both: Albornaol and linalool, tannins, and Tugun, acid Oorcelik, oil Tams Vigaras, and thymol, and Almirsen, and has many types including: hybrid thyme, mystic, thyme, and oregano caraway, wild thyme, English thyme .

Benefits of thyme stomach

The main benefits in that:

  • It increases the number of beneficial bacteria in the stomach.
  • It helps digestion, and also treats intestinal cramps and stomach.
  • It expels intestinal gas and prevent fermentation, and alerts the stomach.
  • It helps the absorption of nutrients, as it kills microbes in the stomach, and expels parasites.
  • Go belly aches and pains, and removes nausea, and kills the worms in the stomach.

But you must beware of eating thyme large and in excessive quantities; As it causes the elimination of intestinal bacteria, and also causes heartburn and indigestion.

Health benefits of thyme

The Thyme many benefits are innumerable, and that it: reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the body, alarm memory and strengthens, and tonic to the scalp, and tonic for blood circulation, and analgesic for pain and aches, and calms the airways, it also helps to popular out of mucus, and strengthens the immune system , it strengthens the muscles, cures colic and kidney disease, struggling atherosclerosis, expectorant, and active consideration, Alhso and disintegrates kidney, and treats pimples and grains in the skin, and antiseptic for wounds.

It also deals with both: popular infections, whooping cough, asthma, diarrhea, ear pain, and also treats inflammation of the gums, burns, urinary tract infections, colds, throat infections, and trachea, and aching teeth, warts, and utility reduces head pain , it cleans the blood, and strengthens the heart muscles, aperitif, and protects teeth from decay, and helps the body sweating, and enters in the treatment of diabetes, and psoriasis, eczema skin, handles dry eye.

It enters also in the perfume industry, and in cosmetics, and in deodorants and soap industry, as it is used in embalming the dead, and in keeping meat, used in the marinade food, mosquito repellent is for the skin.

How to prepare a drink thyme

Boil veins with thyme flowering leaves in the water, and drinks such as tea, so by a large half teaspoon of thyme per cup of boiling water, add a teaspoon for each cup of honey, and drink from the cup to three cups per day.

Video recipe Cupcake green thyme

To learn more information about the recipe Cupcake thyme Green Watch the video.


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