Benefits of the sauna suit

Benefits of the sauna suit


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Sauna suit

Suit sauna is a suit made of plastic, rubber, vinyl, nylon, frequented by men or women when exposed to heat sessions, wet and dry saunas, and has several health benefits if used moderately, and more categories to use her boxers and athletes.

Benefits of the sauna suit

  • The most effective means to get rid of the weight.
  • Sweating, which leads to the removal of excess water in the body, get rid of toxins and impurities within the body.
  • Improve blood circulation.
  • Treatment of back pain.
  • Skin whitening and body.
  • Relax.
  • Dissolving dead cells in the body.
  • Activate the body.

Damage to the sauna suit

  • Causing dehydration; As a result of excessive sweat, and this sometimes leads to death, or cause for Alsaktat brain, and increased heart rate.
  • The body becomes overheated.
  • Cause massive damage to the kidneys, such as the incidence of kidney failure.
  • The occurrence of heart attacks and fainting, loss of consciousness, weakness and loss of energy.
  • After dispensing with the suit, as was the return of obesity; This is because the sauna suit the body get rid of the water and keep the fat as it is.

Tips for the use of the sauna suit

  • It must be used wisely and moderation, and not to rely on primarily to lose weight, but you must follow a healthy diet, in addition to aerobic exercise.
  • You must drink water and fluids frequently after the use of the sauna suit; To compensate the body for the amount of water that Vkdaha during use.
  • Not to use them in very hot weather.
  • When feeling sleepy, dizziness, or feeling dizzy with a headache, it is advisable to get out of the suit at full speed.

Natural recipes for skin whitening with the sauna suit


  • The amount of three tablespoons of red Algeluslid rigid.
  • Lemon Masorh pill.
  • The amount of medium spoon of Aker Fassi original.
  • Milk Aljko salt by two tablespoons.
  • A quarter cup of rose water.
  • Oily capsules of vitamin "E".
  • Two tablespoons of starch, and spoon milk powder NEDO, rose water; To work moisturizing mask.

How to use

  • Mixing the above ingredients together.
  • Body fat & Nuts.
  • Left on the body for a full hour.
  • Bring a mobile sauna bath, fill mineral water evaporation machine, then install tube evaporator and connecting them with bath.
  • Leaving the bathroom for a certain time until the steam comes out of it.
  • Sitting in the bathroom vaporizers from ten minutes to a quarter of an hour for taking care of this period is not exceeded.
  • After the completion of the bathroom, do the body scrub gently in a circular motion without massage, then spray the body with cold water.
  • Then mixing mask moisturizing ingredients, and body fat by half a cup of the mixture.
  • Leave a catcher on the body for ten minutes and then do washed.
  • Not use soap to wash the body.
  • And only use this recipe at events and not weekly.


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