Benefits of the ring oil Cheeks

Benefits of the ring oil Cheeks


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Benefits of the ring to the cheeks
  • 3 Benefits of the ring oil acne
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an introduction

There is no doubt that the beauty of the face of the most important things with any female, it is the most prominent of the body and the most striking others to the attention, care and attention it is necessary, Fmnhen from resorting to cosmetic surgery expensive and which are not the results are always guaranteed, and of them from resorting to creams and masks, cosmetic skin care that give effect fast often, but they are made of chemicals that damage may occur to the skin, so keep natural materials best way to skin care, it is known since antiquity are captured by the aesthetic, and the results are guaranteed and no damage or side effects occur on skin, and the most prominent of these materials oil ring. [1]

Benefits of the ring to the cheeks

The ring of known plant health benefits since ancient times, it benefits the generation of nursing milk, and reduce the symptoms of various infections, including arthritis, and many others, and oil ring is a vegetable oil, and is extracted from the seeds of the ring either by pressuring or Ptkotairha, which is rich in fatty acids such as Alfatyk, saponins, and Turajulinin, and antioxidants, making it a great Zeta matter known to the many its benefits since ancient times, as a lot of health benefits to the body, in addition to the aesthetic and special benefits for the skin and the skin of the face and cheeks, so are the benefits of the face: [2]

  • It works to improve the color of the facial skin and, in addition, it works on relieving them of the costs.
  • It is effective as an anti-inflammatory that may appear in the face, so rich in antioxidants and rid the facial skin of toxins in them.
  • Enhances facial immunity.
  • It stimulates the flow of blood to all tissues and thus it fights wrinkles that may appear in the face, and protect it from its appearance.
  • It is used in the fattening face and cheeks.
  • Makes the skin more freshness and vitality, it can also be used in many masks nutrients to the skin.
  • Protects the face of signs of aging that appear on it, to his riches in antioxidants that combat the signs of aging.
  • It works to get rid of free cracks that cause various skin diseases face.
  • Works to hydrate the skin material riches Lecithin, which studies have shown its role in moisturizing the skin naturally, and that the use of the ring oil moisturizer for the skin substitute for creams manufactured chemicals that may harm the skin.

Benefits of the ring oil acne

Concludes the face of acne, it stimulates liver increases the secretion of Albroostgelandan that reduce fat secretion of the sebaceous glands, and therefore less than the proportion of pimples and grains that may appear on the face. [3]


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