Benefits of the pillars of the Moroccan Oil

Benefits of the pillars of the Moroccan Oil


  • 1 treatment of dermatitis
  • 2 reduce the signs of aging
  • 3 Cancer Treatment
  • 4 promotion of healthy hair
  • 5. Improve wound healing
  • 6 References

Treatment of dermatitis

Argan oil contains essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid and oleic acid, as well as acids, omega-3 fatty acids, which help to hydrate the skin, protect the cells, so it is considered an effective treatment for dermatitis and eczema, rashes, as Argan oil also contains vitamin E, which is a counter-powerful antioxidants that fight the harmful effects of free radicals, which is one of the main causes of injury to the various problems of the skin. [1]

Reduce the signs of aging

Argan oil contains a very high percentage of fatty acids, accounting for 80% of Argan oil content, so it is an effective treatment to get rid of premature skin aging, studies have shown that regular use of Argan oil helps to reduce the intensity and depth of the skin wrinkles, and treatment of age spots, where he works to restore elasticity of young skin, and renews effectively healthy skin cells, as demonstrated by a study conducted in 2007 in the Department of Dermatology at the General Hospital of the medical Hospital in Vienna, Austria, that the use of Argan oil for 30 days on the skin , effectively improves skin moisture, which helps to keep the skin its moisture, thus reducing the loss of collagen, also helped to protect the skin from the sun, cold, heat, and wind. [1]

Cancer treatment

Can help Argan oil on the prevention of cancer, heart disease and blood vessels, and is due to contain the unique quality of unsaturated fatty acids, as well as some of the active compounds such as: sterols (in English: sterols), and carotenoids (in English: carotenoids), and xanthophyll (English: xanthophyls), and strong anti-oxidation, where research has shown that the unsaturated fatty acids contribute effectively in the treatment of cancer and prevent reproduction along with radiation and chemotherapy in tumors of blood, and tumors solid. [2]

Promote healthy hair

Contributes to Argan oil in the promotion of healthy hair are effective, it protects against dry hair, and environmental damage that might be exposed to, and nourishes the hair, which helps effectively in the treatment of pounding and breaking the hair, also treats dandruff nagging, and dry scalp, so it contains fatty acids, It can be used by five heating to six drops of Argan oil, then massage the hair and scalp with oil, and leave it for a few hours or the whole night, preferably repeat use twice a week to get the best results, as can be blended shampoo oil Staff also before washing the hair. [3 ]

Improve wound healing

Argan oil works to accelerate the healing process and healing them, it contains antioxidant powerful antioxidant, in addition to vitamin E, which enhances the healing process quickly, and it should be noted that it can be taken Argan oil supplements regularly to accelerate the healing process. [4]


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