Benefits of the herb were remarkably Shapers

Benefits of the herb were remarkably Shapers


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The herb were remarkably

Is a rare herbal plants that follow the platoon legume, wooden leg soft and smooth branches, reaches a height of about 100 cm, the leaves are oval-shaped green tilted slightly bluish, her yellow flowers. Contain within them the seeds of a green-like taste in peas, the user part of them after removing foreign dander, grows in a few areas around the world, and concentrated its presence in the desert and rocky environments and in the solid sandy soil. [1]

Benefits of the herb public health were remarkably

Herb were remarkably many benefits for health, including: [2]

  • Improvement of the work of the digestive system; They prevent constipation and expel gas from the abdomen, fights nausea and acidity in the stomach, and reduce burping, and soften the intestines and prevent indigestion, and have a laxative effect of the intestines, and treated colitis and expel intestinal worms, and go hemorrhoids anal, it is also considered one of the strongest bowel cleaners and able to take out toxins and accumulated without resorting to surgery colon.
  • Useful in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and relieve pain sharp in the knees and lower back, as you live sciatica pain.
  • Prevent hair loss and strengthen its roots, and increase the intensity and length and give it luster and softness by applying Mshogaha mixture with milk and water on the hair Kmask hours and then wash it with water, as well as it fights dandruff, can also be used natural dye for the hair to give him the color blond light.
  • Used in the treatment of various skin infections and heal ulcers, used as bandages for wounds and burns to clear them and accelerate the healing, as well as they are dealing with acne and some other skin diseases Kalokzima; To contain the subjects of acetone and ethanol, and gives the skin softness and radiance, and prevent affected by harsh environmental factors; Kalahaaat, and environmental pollutants, and chemicals.
  • Strengthen the work of the heart muscle, and increase pumping blood to the cells and inhibit Taktherh in the arteries and veins.
  • Active work of the brain and fights pain, chronic headaches, as they regulate the electrical charges in the brain; So it can be used effectively as a treatment for epilepsy.
  • Treatment of respiratory system diseases; They are stimulating the immune system, and dealing with colds and infections of the tonsils, throat, and stopped coughing as useful in alleviating asthma popular.

Benefits of the herb were remarkably Shapers

This herb helps to lose excess weight effectively and significantly to its impact on the strong laxative bowel, which prevents infection constipated and facilitates the passage of waste and expelled out of the body; Because they contain plant fibers that increase the feeling of fullness, it is also a few calories do not cause an increase in weight; It helps to burn more accumulated units in the body, as it stimulates drinking more fluids and thus reduce the appetite for food, and highly effective in expelling toxins helps the body to work represent better food fat and thus prevent causing fat absorption to weight gain. [3 ]


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