Benefits of the eye as a solution Alatmd

Benefits of the eye as a solution Alatmd


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  • 2 General information on stone Alatmd
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  • 4 benefits as a solution Alatmd eye

As a Alatmd

Is a stone class within the stones of Isfahan group, which Kohl Arab afternoon, and consists of a number of minerals, the most important of bullets black, which tends to color to blush, it is located in shops Perfumery, and be a black stone body, or crushed tube ready-to-use, and is used just like any other types of ordinary kohl, through the use of kohl promises to put it, and Atekhal by both men and women, and has many benefits, where they were old Antroh on wounds, helps in healing, and has a great benefit to the eye.

General information on a stone Alatmd

Stone Alatmd spreads in: the land of Hijaz, Isfahan, and the Levant and the Maghreb, and extracted the stone shape, and the fragment to use it, and sold it in the form of stones and powder, and advised its use of the treatment as well, as Ibn Hajar said, describing him as a black stone It tends to color to blush, and said the famous doctor Ibn Sina, describing his interest, he maintains eye health, and removes dirt sores, known as the sign said al-Baghdadi, describing its usefulness as well, that helps in the germination of the eyelashes, and improve the eyes.

Stone Alatmd installation

The powder pure component of the stone Alatmd of a number of elements consists, namely: antimony, and a third Slfor antimony (antimony brown), and the fifth Slfor Alontamon (Red Alatmd), and Alvaadin, and Algluckantim, and Alantamalin, potassium, sodium, and thus has many therapeutic properties, Faisna than many skin ointments in the present.

Benefits of the eye as a solution Alatmd

  • Strengthen consideration, and works to improve it, it helps Kohl to get rid of the problem of poor consideration.
  • Treatment of eye infections, severe allergies to the eye, and sores that catch the eye due to external contaminants.
  • Proven through the test sample from him that he is able to kill the germs that catch the eye, so that it contains Alontamon compounds, which in turn helps to eliminate parasites, as used in the case of injury Balaanqanat sick eye.
  • Increase the length of eyelashes, so that it contains a number of properties, which affect the skin, which helps stimulate the hair follicles, and thus germinate and installed, as included in the treatment of skin injury cases Palme d'Or, the number of cases of baldness is genetic.
  • Eye protection from any danger from the ocean, which may be exposed from the external environment.
  • Protect eyes from injury twice when considering access to aging.
  • Treatment of cases of heavy tears, and help control it.
  • Tjls eye Algshaah, through Kohl mixing with sugar pearls.
  • Treatment of internal bleeding of the eye, and the treatment of wounds.



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