Benefits of Teen Hair

Benefits of Teen Hair


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The figs of the popular fruits and common throughout the world; Many studies have shown that has many benefits to the body, which reduces cholesterol and controls blood sugar levels, in addition to his role in helping to relieve constipation if any, and the prevention of the bone is also fragile, it contains figs on many antioxidant antioxidants that reduce the risk of free radicals in the body, along with many vitamins, such as vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin K, potassium, zinc, magnesium, and in this article will talk in detail about figs hair benefits, in addition to the general benefits of the body, and a number of benefits for the skin. [1]

Benefits of Teen Hair

The benefits of Tin numerous hair, are the following:

  • Figs helps to provide moisture to the scalp and hair, in addition to its ability to decode Chapkath, and this is what makes it a wonderful hair conditioner. [2]
  • Figs contain the necessary elements for the growth of hair, such as magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin E, in addition to its ability to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp; Which promotes hair growth, and thus compensate for hair loss caused by malnutrition. [2]
  • Dried figs helps to get a long and beautiful hair, in addition to its ability to damaged hair and pale treatment; And by providing many of the elements that contribute to the treatment. [3]
  • The dried figs rich in many minerals and nutrients that help to cure many hair problems, such as: itching, hair cortex, and precipitation. [3]
  • Figs contain enzymes that help copper gray hair treatment, as it keeps the hair color; Through the direct application of figs paste on the hair. [4]

The benefits of public figs

There are many benefits offered figs to the body which, including: [5]

  • Weight Loss: The fig is a rich source of fiber that helps to reduce weight, taking care not to over-eating, so that foods rich in calories.
  • Adjust sugar in the blood: recommends the American Association of Diabetes eating figs for people living with this disease; Because of the high content of fiber that helps to adjust the level of diabetes in the blood.
  • Reduce cholesterol: Contains figs pectin (English: Pectin); A soluble fiber, and is responsible for reducing the amount of cholesterol in the body, and helps to improve bowel movement.
  • Fight heart disease: prevent figs heart disease, especially diseases related to coronary artery, because it contains phenol (English: phenol), and Omega 3, Omega 6, in addition to its ability to fight blood pressure; This is because of the foods rich in potassium, and few in sodium.
  • Fight cancer: offers figs prevention of cancer, especially breast after cancer, menopause, Vangtaa menstrual many hormonal changes occur on the immune system, the body is unable becomes to fight free radicals, and has many antioxidants that represent the line of defense prevents damage to the roots free cancer-causing.
  • Liver protection: fig leaves to help protect the liver from cirrhosis, for its ability to reduce the level of liver enzymes that increase his troubles.
  • Treatment of digestive system disorders: figs enhances the functions of the digestive system; And its ability to facilitate bowel movement that can cause constipation, and has many of the effects of anti-spasm; To get rid of stomach cramps, and provide them to relax.
  • Reduce heat: where he plays Teen strong role in reducing heat, and has an anti-effect, such as that provided by paracetamol (English: Paracetamol) used to reduce the temperature, especially when the occurrence of fungal infection.

Benefits Teen Skin

There are a lot of benefits offered figs for the skin, including: [4]

  • It keeps eating figs on the skin moisture to show a healthy appearance, as well as effective for its ability to tighten skin pores.
  • Helps Teen peeling skin cells, remove dead skin cells and dry, which stimulates the growth of new cells; So as to contain vitamin (A, and beta-carotene); Which provide enzymatic properties, the appearance of the skin appears flawless, in addition to making them a healthy and glowing.
  • Figs helps to hydrate the skin, soft and supple and make it, in addition to its ability to hydrate chapped lips, and fight to the excessive secretion of sebum from the skin.
  • Teen helps treat some skin problems; In order to contain the necessary dietary fiber that maintains the health of the digestive system and regulate bowel movement; To reduce constipation, get rid of body toxins, thereby maintaining healthy skin, reducing various skin problems; Kalsdwih, and acne.
  • Figs delay the appearance of wrinkles, fine, spots and dark lines on the skin; Because it contains many antioxidants, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, in addition to many of the elements needed to fight free radicals in the skin, which caused many problems phosphorylation in the body.
  • Teen helps to increase skin glow and radiance; Because it contains a number of important nutrients, such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and other elements necessary to appear healthy and more youthful.
  • Teen treats pimples, boils, abscess, acne, as it limits their appearance.
  • Figs contain vitamin C, which is one of the antioxidant task, which fights free radical damage to the skin, as it plays a key role in the production of collagen in the body and skin, Falcolajin is a protein and connective tissue helps to bind the cells with each other, as it It provides support and flexibility for the skin, and maintain a homogeneous and free from defects.


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