Benefits of tar hair oil

Benefits of tar hair oil


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Tar Hair Oil

Tar oil is the oil that is extracted from the wood of trees, which is a mixture of organic liquids containing high viscosity, a very black liquid and has a strong lumen and has the smell of jet and very powerful, and uses tar care oil hair and has a lot of other uses. [1]

Benefits of tar hair oil

Of the benefits of tar oil for hair: [2]

  • It works to promote the emergence of color and black hair and increase the dark color of the hair.
  • It works to increase blackening hair and give him health and luster and sparkle.
  • Works on the treatment of the scalp from itching caused by fungus as the tar oil is antiseptic and killer of bacteria, fungi and bacteria.
  • It works to prevent hair loss.
  • Removes dandruff disturbing, whatever the quality or intensity.
  • Also it works to accelerate the growth of hair and lengthened in a short time.
  • It works to increase the density of hair and help hair growth.
  • Based on nutrition and strengthen the hair follicles.
  • It works on the treatment of eczema and dimples that appear scalp.
  • Based on the treatment of grain that show the scalp.
  • It helps the scalp to get rid of lice.

Tar blends hair oil

Mixtures of tar oil for hair: [3]

  • We mix the amount of oil tar with the amount of olive oil or any kind of other oils for two hours and then we washed this mixture gives you get a shiny hair attractive.
  • We put the amount of black bean crushed with the amount of tar oil and the amount of olive oil, and we massage the scalp and leave for two hours this mixture works on the hair and feed Taatqoah hair follicles and works on hair faster growth.
  • Mix a tablespoon of castor oil with a tablespoon of oil we tar-cum-fire until it becomes lukewarm and then we painted the scalp and leave it for two hours and then we washed operate this mixture to get rid of the damage to the scalp and works cleared.
  • Mix equal amount of tar oil, yogurt and Seder and then we painted the scalp and leave it for two hours and then we wash the hair with warm water mixture is working to get this fine hair and hair treatment oil from embrittlement and dehydration.
  • We mix two tablespoons of olive oil with a spoon of tar oil, and then we painted the scalp and hair and leave it for an hour and then we washed the mixture of these works to eliminate dandruff and works on the smoothness of hair and work to increase the density of hair.


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