Benefits of tannins to flatten the body

Benefits of tannins to flatten the body


Considered tannins or balls of paper oak fruits known since ancient times among the Arabs, Indians, Persians, East Asia and China, and the best types located in the Syrian Republic.

Of the types: Alsahuana, the Japanese or Asattandechi, and Cree, and Western, and carbonless and contain the fruits of tannins on many active substances such as: Altanat, vitamins as vitamin (a) and (c), carbohydrates, iron, fiber, calcium, and is holding materials tissue flabby, and an antioxidant and inflammation.

Benefits of tannins firming body flabby

The body stretched is the most important thing you're looking for all women to highlight their femininity and beauty, but sometimes sagging occurs in the body as a result of weight loss suddenly or by following diet harsh leads to it, or it may be slack because of frequent childbirth and pregnancy, so we will offer you some of the benefits of tannins to tighten the body and ways to use it, and that because of its benefits in the body lift sagging, as the tannins contains a very high percentage of material Altanat which helps muscle contraction in both the abdomen and the vagina and uterus, and recipes in which the tannins used to tighten the body recall the following:

  • Tannins with oils: Take equal tannins ground amounts and oil bitter almond and sesame oil (tablespoon for each type) and Nkhalthm well, then Ndlk body or flabby areas & Nuts and leave it on the body of the night to the morning, or vice versa, and then wash up, and repeat the process 3 times a week .
  • Tannins and henna: bring kg gall grinded and a quarter kilogram henna and appropriate amount of vinegar to the work of the mixture, and mix all the ingredients with each other until the lump becomes cohesive and put the dough on the abdomen or flabby body areas Nlvha gauze, and then put them belly fastened belt, and leave for two hours, and we use this method is 4 times a week.

Uses Tannins for women

  • Tannins women used to solve the sagging problems, especially the vagina after repeated births and advancing age. In this case, women feel pain during intercourse, in addition to the vaginal canal become more susceptible to microbes and fungi, and therefore the use of tannins restores tissue vaginal canal natural position.
  • Useful in reducing inflammation sensitive areas in the body, as well as it heals the swelling and trauma resulting from birth.
  • Kills fungi, yeast and bacteria that infect the vagina, which produce odors and itching in most women.
  • It works for tissue lining the astringent of the vaginal canal, which reduces the excess secretions.
  • Pigmentation prevents the vaginal area to keep the natural color, the fact that this region is exposed to the influence of some materials such as soap and detergent that lead to discoloration of the region and Asaudadha.

Note: prevents the use of tannins if the woman is pregnant, and breastfeeding women then you can use.


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