Benefits of sweet almond oil and bitter

Benefits of sweet almond oil and bitter

Sweet almond oil and bitter

Fifty percent of the oil obtained from the bitter almond contains elements as effective as Alomagdalen, acid hydrocyanic, while its other percent contain mono fatty acids, and many other active substances also found in sweet almond oil, which are difficult to be distinguished by just looking .

Health benefits of sweet almond oil and bitter too many, and the area used widely, as these oils are anti-many diseases, such as muscle spasm, anti-poisoning, cancer.

Benefits of bitter almond oil

Almond oil Bitter contains some deadly toxins, so it should be used with extreme caution, and most of the ways to use it focused on its application to the body to treat skin problems, and other internal problems and that attention should be paid not to increase the doses used them for this purpose, the following will give you a list of the benefits of oil Bitter almonds.

  • Repellent fever: time items in almond oil containing alkaline compounds effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses that cause disease.
  • Vermifuge: bitter almond oil and acute toxic nature kill intestinal worms, but you should only eat a few drops of oil to this problem.
  • Bactericidal: Lipid bitter almond oil, bacteria, parasites, and viruses.
  • Laxative: Because of the nature of the toxic oil bitter almond it is used as a laxative for the digestive system, but the amount used must not exceed a few small drops.
  • Diuretic: the human body expels toxins through urination, and because Sam almond oil, the body activates its work through urination to get rid of the toxic oil, and this helps to get rid of excess weight caused by the accumulation of fluid in the body.

Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil

  • Moisturizer for the skin: You can use sweet almond oil as oil massage, or can be on the skin after painting him a warm bath skin to be absorbed better, making it soft and moisturised, and supple.
  • A natural cleanser for skin: sweet almond oil penetrates the skin easily, and cleans the pores and expel germs, and prevents acne because it contains vitamin A, can this oil Kmazil make-up for sensitive skin is used.
  • Eliminates dark circles: a lot of ladies suffer from dark circles that cause them some embarrassment, but through fat sweet almond oil before sleeping over the dark circles area for two weeks you will see a noticeable difference.
  • Reduce the severity of eczema and psoriasis: sweet almond oil helps to keep the infected skin eczema or psoriasis moist and soft, which relieves pain and itching experienced by people with these skin diseases.
  • Hair Strengthening: Through fat oil on the hair and scalp several times a month; Which enhances the strength of the hair and reduces hair loss, and give him a scene healthy and bright.


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