Benefits of Sweet Almond

Benefits of Sweet Almond


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Sweet Almond

Is sweet almond and more of the best natural foods that can be eaten fun, as well as the great health benefits that provide them with the body; As a result it contains large amounts of various nutrients most important vitamins, minerals and proteins in addition to the fibers, which in turn form the protective body from many diseases and help in the treatment of a large part of it as well, one of the oldest fruit trees that have been planted in the world as a whole, and can be eaten fresh as , or add it to other foods need to nuts.

Benefits of Sweet Almond


According to the studies carried out by the Food and Drug Administration, the equivalent of eating Monday and forty grams of almonds, it reduces the likelihood of disease and various heart problems; Because the nutrients that are found in it, most notably magnesium, supports heart health and thus reduce the suffering of heart, for example, or blood pressure imbalances.

A group of studies have also demonstrated that it helps to reduce the rate of specifically bad cholesterol in the body, this is also a protection for the heart, as well as it contains amounts ample of fatty acids healthy unsaturated, such as omega-3, as well as fiber that helps to increase the body's ability to healthy absorption of cholesterol, and thus gives a feeling of fullness and no need to eat, and the prevention of obesity, which is a major cause of heart disease.


As a result it contains most of the nutrients that healthy ones specifically needed by the body, which provide the body with sufficient energy needed quantities, helps sweet almond also to avoid many of the problems experienced by women during pregnancy, most notably stress, fatigue and exhaustion, as well as protecting the body from injury constipated as a result of it contains large amounts of fiber, but here must take into account the sensitivity that may be caused by sweet almond, which may continue with the child after birth to grow up; So when you feel the presence of eating disorders as a result it must move away from it immediately.


Is a lot of experts and specialists nutrition nuts are generally one of the most important foods that help keep the body healthy and get the perfect body through its ability to slimming and slimming; Because it contains large amounts of fiber, as well as proteins on the exact opposite of foods rich in carbohydrates.


Help various food compounds found in sweet almond to maintain healthy skin cells skin, so that it can be used for dry skin pureed and soaked and mixed with the amount of cream, and put the resulting mixture on the skin daily, so that helps to hydrate and softening, and on the other hand, reduces the likelihood of the emergence of wrinkles at an early age; Because it contains large amounts of vitamin E.


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