Benefits of Seder Oil

Benefits of Seder Oil


The plant Seder of the most famous natural plants that are classified scientifically under the list of the desert with the environment of plants dry and high temperatures and severe climate, but this classification was contrary to the areas that spread the cultivation of Sidr in which a mountainous, where is the sea basin white areas of the Mediterranean major habitat areas to him, this plant produces about trees or shrubs with thick leaves, rising in some cases up to several meters.

It is called a variety of names vary depending on the different regions used in it, there are those who call Balsdr, and there are those who call it buckthorn name, and some believe that the black better name the name of the Seder, note that man knew this kind of plant since antiquity, and noted how important it is and the extent of the benefits resulting from the composition, which is still strongly present until the present time, knowing that there is a range of Seder; Calcdr Albanian and elegant, golden, and the Palestinian Seder, and Alqillana, and Californians, and spherical, and purgative, and Alohar, polygon, and the widespread and others.

Benefits of Seder Hair Oil

  • Oil gives great Seder moisture for the hair, which is reflected positively on the health of the scalp and moisture and prevents dry, and thus prevent the crust, which is a form of drought, the most prominent causes, and the result of this drought for several factors, including; Not drinking sufficient amounts of water and fluids, causing dry skin and skin in general, including the scalp, or excessive use of hair lotions hairdressers or chemical dyes and others.
  • It gives Alharnaomh and texture silk, and protects against roughness and wrinkling, which negatively affects the aesthetic appearance of the hair, as well as causing the hair to break, especially during the demobilization process and combing, and also gives him a beautiful and brighter wonderful glow.
  • Nourishes the hair follicles and roots naturally, which helps stimulate the growth dramatically, and thus protect against the lack of intensity, and helps to increase the length of a record time, and prevent the problem of precipitation, which cause hair loss dramatically.
  • Benefits of Seder oil on the hair is not limited, but is very useful for the health of the skin, which helps to hydrate and prevent dryness resulting in the emergence of signs of progress of different skin age on her head wrinkles and switchbacks, especially in the facial area and neck, as renewed vitality and youth and gives it freshness, and save her of grain, scars, spots and effects that negatively affect the aesthetic appearance of her.


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