Benefits of rosemary memory

Benefits of rosemary memory


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  • 2 benefits of rosemary memory depending on the degree of efficiency 2.1 probability of effectiveness (Possibly Effective) 2.2 There is not enough evidence of effectiveness (Insufficient Evidence)
  • 2.1 probability of effectiveness (Possibly Effective)
  • 2.2 There is not enough evidence of effectiveness (Insufficient Evidence)
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Back Rosemary (scientific name: Rosmarinus officinalis - L), or what is also called milk stones to the platoon oral (scientific name: Lamiaceae) to which they belong many other plants, such as; Marjoram common, thyme, basil and lavender, known rosemary as a plant evergreen aromatic due in its origin to the Mediterranean regions, [1] and can eat small size of this plant Alaptellat, and their leaves, fresh or dried flowers, can also be tea aromatic drink of their leaves. [2]

Benefits of rosemary memory depending on the degree of efficiency

Probability of effectiveness (Possibly Effective)

  • Improve Memory: A study published in the Journal of Complementary therapies in clinical practice in 2018 that the consumption of plant rosemary by mouth twice a day for a month, has a role in improving memory through remember past events, and remember future events planned, in addition to reducing the feeling of depression, anxiety, and the ability to improve sleep quality. [3]

There is not enough evidence of effectiveness (Insufficient Evidence)

Reduced thinking skills and memory with aging naturally, have indicated some studies that eating leaves powder rosemary may improve the ability to remember the speed of the elderly healthy, but the other hand, the results also reported that large doses of this powder led to a decline in memory negative, other research has shown that eating a product containing rosemary and a mixture of other plants by healthy people who are aged 62 years and below improves memory they have, but this effect did not occur to persons aged 63 years and older. [4]

Benefits of rosemary oil memory

Owned oil plant rosemary essential for many benefits, including improving the ability to remember images and numbers, [5] has been shown that Astnthak rosemary oil by students aged 13 to 15 years has improved their ability to remember the pictures and numbers after them in spray rooms where this oil is, according to what showed the results of a small study published in the Egyptian journal of basic and applied sciences magazine in 2017, [6] it was also shown that the inhalation of this oil has increased the concentration levels and enhanced attention, according to a study published in the Therapeutic advances magazine in psychopharmacology in 2012. [7]

The general benefits of rosemary

Rosemary is rich in compounds that have antioxidant effect, and an anti-inflammatory, which also have a role in strengthening the immune system, improve blood circulation, [1] The most important of these compounds: polyphenols, such as; Alagoesarnaik acid (Rosmarinic acid), acid-called Carnosic acid, can be used rosemary as a natural preservative to preserve perishable food, increasing its shelf life, and also contains some compounds that may possess anti-microbial properties, which can contribute to the fight against infection , [8] It also contains small amounts of minerals and vitamins, such as; Vitamin A, vitamin C, folate, calcium, magnesium, and manganese. [9]

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