Benefits of relaxation exercises

Benefits of relaxation exercises


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  • 1.1 Benefits of relaxation exercises
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  • 1.3 breathing exercises to relax

relaxation exercises

Is a waste of time and neglect of health and preoccupation with the various problems of life is the most negative consequences for the development of technological advances in this era, so the most important thing recommended by psychologists to get rid of these burdens and large pressure exercise, which may be physically any dependent on the movement, or exercises of thought that It depends on the mind and soul.

Considered relaxation exercises of the most important sports practiced by man in the modern era, especially in European countries, where it contributes to the psychological improvement and revitalization of the body and memory, and help to do all the business daily activities better, Examples include: yoga, breathing exercises, and imagination, think about nature .

Benefits of relaxation exercises

  • The ability to sleep deeply without exposure to nightmares and anxiety.
  • A marked improvement in the psyche of the individual, and the promotion of activity during the day.
  • Activate the memory, and the development of intellectual capacity, and mitigation of stress.
  • Transforming the individual into a more positive person and the ability to absorb the burden of the many life more strongly.
  • Used in the treatment of many mental illnesses, especially depression, because they contribute to the liquidation of the mind of all occupied.
  • Affect the personality of the individual, and can make it more quieter.

Meditation exercise for relaxation

This is the exercise of the most important activities that we can easily without the need for a training exercise, and be by sitting in a quiet place and free of noise and disturbance away from modern devices and the means of social communication, so that man can isolation and focus better, where it was found that the practice of meditation is granted the person's self-confidence, and makes him satisfied with himself and aware of Yes that between his hands, it is worth mentioning that this sport is practiced by the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in the cave of Hira until converted to the universe maker Almighty and away from naughtiness what he was doing his people.

Breathing relaxation exercises

  • Lie down on the ground, or stand in a position to be done perfectly straight back, and breathe naturally take Ins and Outs.
  • Breathe slowly through the nose with the count up to five, and push hands up with abdominal movement also higher.
  • We go out slowly exhale from the mouth, and the promise of one to five, and put pressure on the abdomen gently to the inside, and repeat these steps every five minutes, Valaotaiad on these exercises helps to get rid of stress naturally.


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