Benefits of red cabbage Shapers

Benefits of red cabbage Shapers


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Red cabbage

Belongs plant red cabbage or purple or violet to the botanical genus called Balbraseka, or cabbage (Latin: Brassica), looks like the taste of green cabbage, but it contains larger amounts of plant compounds that have earned several benefits to the body, such as; Strengthen bones, promote heart health, as it may reduce inflammation, and the risk of certain cancers, [1] It should be noted that this color red or purple or violet cabbage due to the high content of polyphenols compounds, including compound anthocyanin (in English: Anthocyanin) ; It is a secondary plant materials possess antioxidant properties. [2]

Benefits of red cabbage Shapers

Can contribute to red cabbage when consumed within an integrated diet in weight loss, because of being low-calorie, it is also a good source of dietary fiber; [1] which helps to reduce weight and maintain a healthy weight; As it contributes to the digestion of food, and prevention of constipation, increasing the feeling of fullness, as you need more time in digestion, which is linked to the feeling of fullness for a long time, thus reducing the quantities consumed food and cut calories, [3] It should be noted that the loss of weight and lack of restored also needs to change in lifestyle, such as; Quality and quantity of food and drink consumed per day, food pattern followed, and the amount of exercise. [4]

For more general benefits of red or purple cabbage You can read the benefits of purple cabbage article.

The nutritional value of the Red cabbage

The following table shows the nutrients found in 100 grams of red cabbage leaf: [5]

Video red cabbage salad

To learn more information about the red cabbage salad See the following video: [6]


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