Benefits of Red Banana

Benefits of Red Banana


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Banana Red

Banana fruit is one of the most fruit types all over the world, and contain many basic food items that have a role in maintaining the health of the human body, [1] It is worth mentioning that there is another kind of banana species in Southeast Asia called banana red; Which is characterized by the color of the shell external red, and tastes sweet when mature, which may resemble the taste of ordinary bananas plus a little sweeter taste of berries, [2] and turns this color red for this banana when mature to yellow color orange, but for the color of its core, it has orange color or pink. [3] the different red bananas from the normal type of banana that is shorter in length, and larger, and more mellowness, [4] the reason for the color red shell because it contains one of the compounds Alonthusian derivatives (in English: Anthocyane), which is known as Rutinoside; They give a dye material for food. [5]

The nutritional value of the Red Banana

Every 100 grams of red banana fruit contains many food items described in the following table: [6]

Benefits of Red Banana

The following describes the most important points of the Red Banana benefits depending on the content of food: [2]

  • Rich in antioxidants: Red bananas contain a high amount of antioxidants (in English: Antioxidants) is the best known carotenoids (in English: Carotenoids), and anthocyanins (in English: Anthocyanin), vitamin C, and it should be noted that the amount of some of these antibiotics in excess of those available in yellow bananas, are these antibiotics compounds have a role in preventing cell damage caused by free radicals associated with accumulation in the body occurrence of oxidative stress (in English: oxidative stress), which raises the risk of diseases, such as; Heart disease and vascular, diabetes, and cancer.
  • Source of vitamin C: red bananas provide a grain of small body size including 9% of the recommended daily requirement of it taking them vitamin C, and this vitamin is important for the health of the immune system, infection control.
  • Source of carotenoid: It is the most famous lutein, alpha and beta-carotene, which turns into vitamin A, it is worth mentioning that the amount of these carotenoids in red bananas more than available in yellow bananas, according to what indicated a laboratory study published in the Food Chemistry magazine in 2018, [5 and contribute to these carotenoids in improving eye health, as it may reduce macular degeneration associated with the progress of age, which is one of the main causes of blindness. [2]
  • Source of elemental potassium and magnesium: covering one pill a small volume of red bananas 9% of the daily amount of potassium, also contains one grain size itself from the red banana on 8% of the daily amount of magnesium element, is associated with the consumption of these two elements together in the diet reducing blood pressure level, [2] has indicated a systematic review and analysis of a holistic conducted 22 study and published their findings in the British medical journal magazine in 2013 that people who consumed the largest amounts of potassium have decreased their stress levels. [7] it also noted a systematic review and analysis 9 statistical studies published in the Journal of Nutrition Journal in 2017 that a high amount of magnesium consumption is associated with a lower risk of blood pressure. [8]
  • Dietary fiber source: where a single pill containing a medium-sized red bananas on the equivalent of 16% of the recommended daily requirement of fiber being addressed; It is a type of carbohydrate that the body can not digest, and help to increase the feeling of fullness and fullness for longer, and weight control. [9]
  • Source of vitamin B 6: where one pill medium-sized containing red bananas on the 20% of the daily amount of vitamin B-6, and is this vitamin A soluble vitamins in the water, which the body needs in protein metabolism, red blood cells, and in the formation of hemoglobin responsible for the transfer of protein oxygen to the cells of the body, and may result in a lack of intake of vitamin B6 to anemia. [9]
  • Source of Pripaotik: It is a type of dietary fiber that helps to feed beneficial bacteria in the human intestine, and is a few polysaccharide Alfrckma (in English: Fructooligosaccharides), and inulin (in English: Inulin) of the most famous Onoaha available in red bananas, may help these Albraibiotik reduce bloating and constipation , improve organ health of the digestive system, [2] has indicated a small study published in the journal the journal Nahrung / Food to eat 8 grams of a few polysaccharide Alfrckma a day for two weeks has increased the number of beneficial bacteria in the body ten times compared to non-consumption. [10 ]

To read about the general benefits of bananas you can refer to an article What are the benefits of bananas and weigh.

Benefits of Red banana peel

Red banana influence is antibacterial compared to the advantage of other types of bananas; Where indicated laboratory study published in the Journal of Preclinical and Pharmaceutical Research Journal in 2013 that peel extract banana red has the highest anti-effect of bacteria compared to extract other colors of the banana peel standards as yellow or green, including bacteria type Psuedomonas citrii, and then the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus Gold (Latin: Staphylococcus aureus). [11]


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