Benefits of Popcorn Diet

Benefits of Popcorn Diet


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Benefits of Popcorn Diet

The popcorn of foods low calorie content, and a rich source of fiber, and contribute added to the daily diet in enhancing the feeling of fullness, which leads to less food quantities of consumption, thus reducing the weight, so eating popcorn as a snack between meals is healthy, it is a few calories, plus it contains low levels of saturated and trans fats, and even though it must be eaten in moderation. [1]

In one study published in the Journal of Nutrition in 2012, which compared the two types of snacks are: popcorn, potato chips; It was observed that those who consumed six cups of popcorn (containing 100 calories) dropped their sense of hunger, and I said the proportion of eating other foods then compared with those who ate a cup of potato chips (containing 150 calories), and therefore the researchers noted in the study The popcorn is a good addition, healthy and low-calorie food to reduce the feeling of Nam hungry, which may be useful for weight loss. [2]

On the other hand, some of the material added to popcorn during the preparation may lead to weight gain, and make it the food is unhealthy, and these additions: salt, butter, and sugar. [1]

The number of calories in popcorn

One cup or the equivalent of 8 grams of popcorn record hot without adding air fat on 30.8 calories contain, [3] while adding the oil cup of popcorn record contains 54.8 calories, [4] and buttered 75.3 calories, [5] The for species that is added to the cup caramel Faihtoa 150 calories, [6] so it is advisable Pthouderh without adding fat or sugars to avoid increasing calories, as recommended capturing without the addition of salt to maintain health. [7]

Other benefits of popcorn

There are many health benefits offered popcorn to the body, where it contains many important nutrients to the body, such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants; Polyphenol compounds (in English: Polyphenols) also contains dietary fiber that helps to promote digestion. [8] [9]

For more benefits you can read the benefits of an article and damaged popcorn.

The nutritional value of popcorn

The following table shows the nutrients found in one cup of popcorn, or the equivalent of 8 grams of popcorn record using homemade little oil without adding salt: [10]

Video Popcorn Shapers

You can take advantage of any recipe in two ways, a way of increasing your weight and the way may make you thinner! How can the use of popcorn for slimming? :


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