Benefits of pomegranate peel slimming

Benefits of pomegranate peel slimming


Pomegranate tree of fruit trees known to man out of date, growing vertical branches of which side branches are bearing the cast, which turns into a fruit, a deciduous tree, you need to irrigate throughout the period of flowering and fruiting even reap its fruit, as it does not give fruit if planted Baala, there are multiple types of pomegranate trees, including a sweet taste, including the acid, including Acharabi taste is located between sour and sweet, too sweet to him and pomegranate several types differ in terms of the color of the crust and hardness, and the fruit of the pomegranate with leather veneer tree thickness vary from one type to another, this Galda kept inside the pomegranate with red color beads, where the fruits are eaten fresh pomegranate works including molasses and juice.

Crust alrman ufuaydه

We get pomegranate peel after we open the fruit and berry hyper from within, and cut off the crusts they are soft and Najafvha to get rid of the water in them. The pomegranate peel old used in leather tanning as it combines pomegranate peel and dried, and then grind and are fat leather out to get rid of the fat layer in which to save this leather from rotting.

With scientific advances discovered more benefits of pomegranate peel may outweigh the benefit of the fruit itself, with pomegranate peels are very useful, especially the digestive system of stomach and bowel infections; As drinking pomegranate peel juice works to strengthen and clean up the stomach wall of suspended material out. As it described pomegranate peel to treat inflammation of the gums after grinding and mixing it with water and Alrgergh him for about three days; As spayed gums and strengthen it.

Benefits of pomegranate peel slimming

Pomegranate peel is described in slimming programs without negative complications, and is a mixture of work with other components to this end, this method is:

  • We collect the amount of pomegranate peel and Ngzlea well.
  • Put them in a large bowl, or on a piece of cloth we offer air to dry completely.
  • Ntahn These peels milling machine that until we have made up a fine powder.
  • Take a teaspoon of this powder of ginger and a small spoon, with the amount of green tea, and put these ingredients with two cups of water on the fire for five minutes.
  • We are keen to eat a cup of this mixture in the morning, for two weeks.

Peel pomegranate works to dissolve fat accumulated in the body, especially around the abdomen, as these fats are causing rumen and prominence to the Imam, in addition to the importance of the pomegranate in lowering cholesterol levels in the blood, as pomegranate works to expel worms from the digestive system and strengthens the immune system. Also, pomegranate peel can be used Kkarim applied to the abdominal circumference also worked to dissolve the accumulated fat around the abdomen.


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