Benefits of pomegranate peel Shapers

Benefits of pomegranate peel Shapers


It is pomegranate (Punica granatum) fruit autumnal, a perennial trees and are not evergreen, the original in Iran and their habitat, as high pomegranate tree to nearly six meters and its branches pendulous containing thorns turf, and its branches in red, and her red blossoms light-colored beautiful called "Gelnar" to turn the fruits of spherical and have a crown leather shell, and there are a lot of seeds red or white, and has two types: sweet pomegranate and pomegranate bitter, as it is called pomegranate "fruit paradise".

Benefits of pomegranate peel Shapers

Pomegranate peel works on the body shapers and by following the recipe Slenderizing by pomegranate peel ground consisting of ginger, peel, dried pomegranate and ground, and the method of preparation by bringing a glass of water and Nschenh on fire and add him ginger and pomegranate peel and mint and boil for 7 minutes then taken twice a day, where the pomegranate peel works to melt the fat and get rid of them through the output and sweating.

Other benefits of pomegranate peel

  • It contains antioxidants so it is considered a counter tool for heart disease.
  • Is one of the actors to get rid of toxins because the materials of high anti-oxidant work on the fight against toxic substances, and she graduated from the body.
  • Pomegranate peel from the material that has Banaha in vitamin C, which is very beneficial for the health of the body and is a growth factor that works to heal the scars and wounds and tissue repair, as well as it helps in the maintenance and repair of cartilage, teeth and bones.
  • It is used in toothpaste and little when taken from pomegranate peel ground and mixed with water and drink it is save us from bad breath.
  • Useful in cases of throat disorders and inflammation and is useful in cough, by taking the amount of pomegranate peel powder and mix with water and Itagrger them, which works to relieve throat disorders.
  • According to the health of the skin and hair, which is an effective moisturizer for hair, due to acid Alelagech present in pomegranate peel, which gives skin and hair natural moisture and prevents dry skin and damaged.
  • It is protective of the sun's rays.
  • It helps in the prevention of cancer, especially skin cancer, according to studies conducted on pomegranate peel, which proved that pomegranate peel contains substances prevent the appearance of skin cancer.
  • Delays Heikzachh and hides wrinkles when aging, so that pomegranate peel works to prevent enzymes that break down collagen in the skin and helps to strengthen the skin cells.
  • It helps to get healthy hair and prevent hair loss and protects from dandruff.
  • Pomegranate peel is used in women's treatments such as narrowing the vagina through bringing pomegranate peel crushed and then wets the finger in the water and dip Bakecr pomegranate is then inserted into the vagina before intercourse a quarter or half an hour, or it is possible to put a little pomegranate peel ground in the sprayer with a little water is a little squirt it on the vaginal area and inside ten minutes before the relationship.


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