Benefits of pomegranate peel of the stomach and colon

Benefits of pomegranate peel of the stomach and colon


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Pomegranate peel

The fruit of the pomegranate fruit is rich in health benefits, as well as delicious fruit and common consumption worldwide, and the origin of the pomegranate fruit to Iran, China, India and Afghanistan, it is also considered one of the original fruit in the Mediterranean basin Mediterranean countries. [1] using pomegranate in all its parts in folk medicine for centuries, where a user that in the ancient Indian medicine, as it exists in the ancient Egyptian civilization treatments, [1] in addition to his position in Chinese medicine. The pomegranate peels are used popularly in the treatment of many cases, such as infections of all kinds, cough, nasal bleeding, intestinal ulcers [2] and oral, some pomegranate peel the boil for periods ranging from ten minutes to forty minutes. [3]

Pomegranate has been mentioned in the Quran in three places, [4] which verse in Surat Al-Rahman: (in which fruit and palm trees and pomegranates), [5] Pomegranate peel contains a large number of antioxidants, which makes him a capacity to fight many diseases, [6] In this talk about the benefits of pomegranate peel fruits of the article in the treatment of stomach ulcers and colon.

Benefits of pomegranate peel of the stomach and colon

The use of pomegranate peel popular for centuries to treat cases of diarrhea, stomach ulcers, intestinal worms and acidity, [1] and then the modern scientific research came to study its effectiveness in the treatment of these cases, where I found the following:

  • Can help in the treatment of pomegranate scales improve cases of ulcerative colitis, which affects the external mucous layer of the colon, it can also reduce the need for people with the disease for the use of drugs diarrhea. [7]
  • The treatment of food poisoning in the ancient Indian medicine using pomegranate peel, has found his studies an active role in the fight against many types of bacteria that can infect the digestive system. [1]
  • Used some pomegranate peel extracts in the treatment of stomach ulcers, [1] was found to extract pomegranate peel effect in the fight against the bacteria Helicobacter Baabism (Helicobacter Pylori) that causes stomach ulcer. [8]
  • One study found the ability to peel the pomegranate in the treatment of cryptosporidiosis, which affects the digestive and respiratory system (Cryptosporidium parvum) which causes many symptoms include watery diarrhea, dehydration, weight loss, fever, nausea, and vomiting. [9]

Other benefits of pomegranate peel

  • Help in the fight against obesity and weight gain. [2]
  • Fight infections. [1], [10]
  • Fight some types of cancers. [1]
  • Counter to the many types of bacteria. [1]
  • Fight flu viruses. [1]
  • Fighting malaria and some of their effects. [1], [10]
  • The treatment of wounds and dead skin. [1]
  • Work to lower blood sugar in diabetes cases, lower total cholesterol and bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides, while it helps to raise good cholesterol (HDL) in the body. [11], [12]
  • May have a role in protecting the kidney from oxidative damage. [13]
  • Treatment of skin fungus that affects the skin, hair and nails. [14]
  • May have a cosmetic role in helping to produce collagen and regeneration of skin cells. [15]

Warning use peel and pomegranate flowers and stems

  • Can result in the use of pomegranate peel or long periods of high quantities to the symptoms of toxic, so you should consult a specialist doctor before eating. [1]
  • Prevents the use of pomegranate peel pregnant women or want to pregnancy. [16]
  • Avoid pomegranate and Akecorh extracts from the people who are taking medicine for high blood pressure, cholesterol, and warfarin. [16]
  • Peel the roots of the pomegranate tree contains toxic materials that should not be used only after consulting your doctor. [16]
  • Some people may be sensitive to pomegranate and Akecorh, so they must be completely avoided.
  • May work on the fight against osteoporosis. [17]

Video best foods for sick colon

Colon patients face many problems when eating specific foods, watch this video to find out the most suitable choices for them:


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