Benefits of pomegranate peel for nifaas

Benefits of pomegranate peel for nifaas


  • 1 puerperal stage
  • 2 pomegranate and characteristics
  • 3 important pomegranate women nifaas
  • 4 recipes from pomegranate peel for the postpartum period

Puerperal stage

The postpartum period - ie after birth - is one of the most stages of women's lives and busier tired, but nevertheless women must concern the body and health so much in this period; Fihrmonat body passes in the stage of changes and disturbances, and within these changes size of the uterus, which increased during pregnancy for a period before, which is in the postpartum stage in a period of re-return to normal size, and all this requires the mother eating recipes necessary and drinks during puerperal, leaving long effects term can be found throughout her life. Pomegranate peel of diffuse material used among women in the postpartum period, and you will learn about the importance and how to use it and its benefits.

Pomegranate and characteristics

Pomegranate autumnal delicious fruit, and mentioned in the Koran, and has great benefits for the health of the body, it contains pomegranate antioxidants in large quantities, and strengthens the soft tissue, and helps speed healing of wounds and lacerations, which generally has a clutch effect tissue, and an anti-inflammatory and viruses, and all this It gives importance to women nifaas.

The importance of pomegranate women nifaas

As for the pomegranate effect clutching tissues and nourishing and restorative muscles it helps to narrow the vaginal area, which is usually expanded by repeating the birth, which is what matters the lady in the puerperal phase, it seeks to restore the area to its natural size, even back tight as it was, as the problem of the expansion of this region may cause some of the problems in the marital relationship.

Recipes from pomegranate peel for the postpartum period

The first recipe

  • Take the amount of pomegranate peel and Nzver well then Nschwah of water.
  • Called pomegranate peel dry for several days.
  • After it dries Athanih in electric grinder until smooth.
  • Add the amount of two cups of boiling water to the crushed pomegranate peel (about three tablespoons) in a bowl and cover, and when it cools the mix Astkhaddmah Lye vaginally in the last days of mortality, and try to enter a little into the vagina.
  • You can put this mix in the sprayer and sprayed on the region, and this draws the region and gradually narrowed, and sterilized against infections, and also increases the speed of healing wound childbirth.
  • If you use this recipe after you'll notice that the puerperal region has become tight and narrow, and continues to effect this recipe for one day.

The second recipe

Women who fit these Atakoven internal recipes, and method are as follows:

  • Place two tablespoons of ground pomegranate peel, and a small teaspoon of cumin in an empty cup, then pour hot water, cover the cup until Antqa mixture and retains all of its benefits.
  • Cuba drink on an empty stomach of this recipe every day after ten days from birth to end days postpartum, can also eat pomegranate peel at the time of non-puerperal also.

The third recipe

You can work boiled pomegranate peel Kmgtts for a quarter of an hour.


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