Benefits of oil ostrich bones

Benefits of oil ostrich bones


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Ostrich Oil

Oil is taken from fat ostrich, which is viscous and contains omega-6 and 3, and vitamins A and E, which is effective in the treatment of rheumatism, and helps regenerate skin cells and increases hair growth and eliminates wrinkles and is used to treat burns and eczema.

Many patients cases of bone pain and arthritis tends to use ostrich oil topical analgesic because of the nature of these chronic diseases and the emergence of side effects of pharmaceutical products, as well as the emergence of a general trend to cure alternative medicine based on natural products in the treatment.

Formation of ostrich oil

Ostrich oil consists of two types of acids are: acid Allnolenk, and oleic acid, and contains a large proportion of collagen, and added to the fat ostrich group of natural oils to form ostrich oil that is traded in the ready-to-use, and those oils are: clove oil, olive oil oil, sesame oil, celery, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil and thyme oil. These added oils make fat ostrich material effective in oxidation resistance and the fight against many of the problems that affect the hair and skin as well as bones

Benefits of ostrich oil

  • Ostrich oil helps to heal wounds, cure dry skin and reduce hair loss.
  • Ostrich oil does not block the pores of the skin when the paint due to the large Nfoveth, and is a dwelling place of pain, which gives the patient the ability to move and carry out all its activities almost normally, so it is considered a magical solution in the treatment of infections articulated.
  • It increases the thickness of the skin for its ability to stimulate the growth of skin cells, which is based on the body loosen muscles very quickly, and is used to accelerate the growth of hair cells and strengthens the nails and handles sunburn.
  • It should be noted that when used as a treatment for the bones in order to obtain a quick positive results must distinguish between two types of injuries, if the problem is caused by sports injury The pain can be relieved within hours, whereas in chronic conditions like arthritis, the pain may need several weeks to go away.

Benefits of oil ostrich bones

  • Helps deliver blood for all blood vessels, which reduces the joints and bone pain, it also improves the heartburn joints in quick time, which is also home to the pain.
  • Anti-aging skin.
  • Ostrich oil is considered a processor for rheumatism; As his great effectiveness in relieving pain, also handler for rheumatoid arthritis; So as to loosen the joint nerves and calms the pain present in the bone, because it relieves joint stiffness and increase the heat on the bones.
  • Oil also deals with ostrich neck pain and shoulder pain.


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