Benefits of mustard oil

Benefits of mustard oil


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Mustard oil

Mustard oil (known in English: Mustard oil) as oil commonly used in Indian cooking, as it provides a flavor of pungent, and texture unique, and brown in color reddish, it is worth mentioning that it is extracted from black mustard seeds, brown and white, it also provides several health benefits heart; Because of the balance between both saturated and unsaturated fats, in addition, it is used for hair, and as an alternative treatment for ulcers and skin infections, and lubricating oil. [1] [2]

But it should be noted that the Food and Drug Administration has banned the use of natural mustard oil in cooking; This is because it contains acid Alarusik (in English: Erucic acid); A fatty acid is not metabolized well, which appeared to cause heart problems, and though the administration permitted the use of another type known as oil basic mustard (English: Mustard essential oil) in cooking, as it is made through steam distillation process ( English: Steam distillation), is the use of these two types of mustard oils are safe in massage, but they are different totally different, although both are extracted from mustard seeds. [3]

Benefits of mustard oil

Owns mustard and olive oil are many health benefits, including the following: [4] [5]

  • Cold treatment: as it is effective in the treatment of congestion (in English: Congestion) caused by the cold, in addition to the treatment of cough, headache, body aches, is also worth mentioning it can be used in winter to massage the soles of the feet, especially in children to relieve chills, colds.
  • Stimulate digestion: where mustard oil is a strong stimulant for digestion processes; As it stimulates the secretion, blood, digestion and circulation, due to the increased production of bile and digestive juices.
  • Help prevent some types of cancer: where mustard seeds proved effective in preventing cancer of the digestive system, cancer of the colon and rectum; These seeds are rich plant nutrient, and Algluckuseynolat (in English: Glucosinolates).
  • Maintain a balance of cholesterol levels in the blood: as the containment of mustard oil on the healthy fats of fat, monounsaturated fat, polyunsaturated, improves heart health and protect against kidney disease, obesity, it also reduces the triglycerides level, it indicated a study that mustard oil can reduce the risk of acute myocardial infarction (in English: acute myocardial infarction) or heart attack, where these properties are associated with the presence of omega-3 fatty acid (in English: Omega-3).
  • The possibility of anti-psoriasis: the researchers showed that the seeds of mustard effect in the treatment of wounds, infections associated with psoriasis (in English: Psoriasis), as a study showed that the use of mustard seeds stimulates the activity appropriate for the protection of enzymes and healing from some similar diseases psoriasis, and examples of these enzymes: catalase (in English: Catalse), and Alglutatyon peroxidase (in English: Glutathione peroxidase), super oxide Desmiotaz (in English: superoxide dismutase).
  • Improve bone strength: to contain mustard on the high amount of metal selenium, as this metal can increase bone stiffness and strength, plus it strengthens the nails, hair, teeth, and should be noted that one tablespoon tablespoons of mustard contains 21% of the recommended daily amount of selenium out, as it is an anti-oxidant, as it concludes the body of free radicals.
  • The possibility of helping to better sleep: as Ahtu mustard on the high amount of magnesium is directly linked to improving the quality, duration, and tranquility of sleep, and it should be noted that it helps regulate metabolic processes, thus reducing the incidence of insomnia, and sleep disorders.
  • Regarded as an anti-inflammatory: where can mustard oil to reduce inflammation, and is due to contain a compound Oazotheiossianat allele (in English: Allyl isothiocyanate); This oil is also used to relieve pain, treat arthritis (in English: Arthritis), and the reduction of pneumonia, bronchitis, but it should be noted that the evidence supporting this idea is still very few. [3] [6]
  • Regarded as an anti-bacterial: where it is possible to apply mustard oil directly to the skin; So as to treat fungal infection, bacterial, or it can be taken to combat bacterial infection in the intestine, colon, and other parts of the gastrointestinal tract, as one study found that the mustard essential oil kills effectively common and harmful bacteria such as Salmonella (in English: Salmonella), and Listeria ( English: Listeria), and E. coli (in English: E.coli), and others, and some types of yeast, the researchers pointed out that honey with mustard oil mixing ratio of 1 to 1; Could be useful in the root canal treatment, and his influence on the prevention of dental bacteria. [3] [7]

The nutritional value of mustard oil

The following table shows the value of the nutrients found in one teaspoon of mustard oil or food equivalent to 14 Mlilira: [8]

Side effects of mustard oil

Mustard allergies are not uncommon, but in the event of injury it; It is possible for people who consume mustard oil to suffer from some symptoms that are the itchy feeling in the mouth, or numbness, or the spread of rashes all over the body, in addition may develop symptoms more serious, such as swelling of the face, mouth, throat, severe asthma, nausea, vomiting, difficulty breathing, abdominal pain, should also be noted that the application of mustard oil topically may irritate the skin, and their symptoms; Itching, or redness. [1]


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