Benefits of mash

Benefits of mash


Is the mash of the most famous cuisine and popular dishes which are Eastern countries, specifically Arab and cradles for manufacture and preparation, which are commonly eaten and more motivated people by particularly in the holy month of Ramadan, due to its taste and tasty benefits and ease of preparation, and help them to give energy to the body and also give him a great sense of fullness and lack of need to eat for a longer period, and consists of a dish mash generally of wheat grains that are downstream milling and for this reason has been called this name, is added to the wheat, minced meat or mutton specifically that is concocted shortening animal, and some want to add some flavors favorite for them to him, an addition of milk, for example, or add tomatoes, or tomato paste and yogurt, note that the nutritional value and benefits vary depending on those vehicles and components that are involved in manufacturing, where the more added to meat increased protein ratios, and the greater the amount of wheat increase its benefits in terms of vitamins and so on.

Benefits of mash

  • To achieve maximum benefit from the mash dish, it is recommended by reducing as much as possible of the situation and add municipal margarine or animal, which increases the rate and the level of cholesterol in the blood, also it raises the level of fat, and adversely affect the health of the heart, blood vessels, arteries and others.
  • Very useful to build muscles and strengthen the body and increase its size, making this dish is very useful for those who suffer from thin, low and low weight, where the size of the muscle they have very small.
  • A very rich set the value of the basic and essential for the growth of vitamins and health and strength of all members of the body on top of each of the vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, and B vitamins such as: (b 2, 6, 12), which is the basis for the balance of the body and the health of the mind and the power of brain functions on her head the ability to remember and recall information.
  • It contains a high proportion of iron, making it mainly to overcome the various problems of blood on her head anemia, which is scientifically called anemia.
  • This dish contains the natural composition on a set of metal elements on top of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, copper, tin, zinc, manganese, and a high proportion of essential acids including folic acid, which is mainly to maintain the health of the pregnant woman and the health and growth of the fetus properly and integrated, as well as on the acid lysine and valine, and Oseartek acid and others.
  • It is rich in fiber, which helps to improve digestion, and, according to the fiber to improve the appearance and color of the skin and skin and increase Ahracth and vitality and maintain its natural beauty.


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