Benefits of lupine face mask

Benefits of lupine face mask


  • 1 thermos
  • 2 benefits lupine face mask 2.1 facial moisturizing 2.2 Facial Cleaning 2.3 relieve pimples and grains
  • 2.1 facial moisturizing
  • 2.2 Facial Cleaning
  • 2.3 relieve pimples and grains


Is a thermos of pulses scattered all over the world, which contains a high proportion of protein and carbohydrates that are beneficial to human health, which is its seed intake after boiled water and add a small amount of salt to it, and enters in the preparation of many useful masks for the skin because it contains many of the essential minerals and vitamins, and in this article we will mention the benefits of lupine face mask.

Benefits of lupine face mask

Moisturizing Face

Concludes lupine face mask of the drought that is exposed as a result of many reasons; Because it contains the most important vitamins and minerals needed by the face to be Ndhara.

It can be prepared in this mask by placing a sufficient amount of dry thermos and a tablespoon of almonds in a deep pot, Tahnhma well and add a teaspoon of liquid milk, and mix all the ingredients well, some full cohesion, and applying the resulting mixture on the face, with a good scrub for a quarter of an hour and leave it for a period of no more than ten minutes to dry completely, wash the face with lukewarm water and soap well, with a repeat of this mixture once a week to get a wonderful and excellent result.

cleaning the face

It cleans lupine face mask of germs lingering in it, which accumulate as a result of a lot of diverse environmental factors Kaltard of air pollutants harmful, and uses this mask by mixing two tablespoons of lupine finely ground with a large spoon of the ring powder ground crushes finely, and add a tablespoon of yogurt, blending ingredients well together, and put the mixture on the face, and straighten well to cover the face and neck completely, with gently massage for at least two minutes in a circular motion using the fingers of your hands, and leave it for half an hour to dry, and wash it with warm water, with the use of this mask once a week for a guaranteed result during a limited period of time.

Relieve pimples and grains

Grains substantially appear on the face as a result of many reasons such as eating large amounts of nuts or sweets, or use creams and harmful substances frequently and so, prepare the mask put four teaspoons of thermos ground in a large bowl and is, and add a large liquid honey and mixing them spoon well, add a quarter of a tablespoon of rose water, and mixing the ingredients almost continuously for two minutes, then put the mask output on the face evenly, and leave it for a period of not less than a quarter of an hour, then face wash well with cold water and soap.


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