Benefits of lemon for oily skin

Benefits of lemon for oily skin


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Lemon multiple its benefits known since ancient times, and used in many fields Kaltdaoa, medicine and industry, it was a must for every house to contain the fruits of lemon, and in view of the multiplicity of its uses and its importance, it has launched a lemon title tree "queen of fruits", as citric acid was also called on behalf of "medical acid", because it contains many mineral salts and vital materials, such as; Calcium, iron and other essential elements for the health of the body, which helps the combustion of waste and excess salts. Lemon also contains many different vitamins such as vitamin A is essential for the body immunity, and vitamin B, which plays an important role in achieving the nervous balance and proper nutrition, immune in the human body, due to the acidity of the fruits of lemon, the acid which is used as an antiseptic and disinfectant in healing wounds and ulcers and restoration of the affected tissue , also it works on blood purification of toxins, bacteria and some viruses such as the virus that causes cold. Lemon useful is also considered in cases of dental osteoporosis and bleeding gums and nose, is also used in cases of fever and high body temperature and increase the amount of diuresis, and is a lemonade drink delicious Roya thirst, and refreshing savory in the hot summer days, as well as a distinctive flavor that adds them food if add any food dish. [1]

Benefits of lemon for oily skin

The oily skin of the most skin types nuisance and sensitivity, they are the most vulnerable to many of the problems Khab young black capes, due to contain acid lemon antioxidants, it is the best option and the most useful for the treatment of fatty multiple skin problems and cleansed of germs, in addition to many other benefits back by lemon on oily skin, including: [2]

  • Get rid of blackheads, because it contains acid "citric", which takes this problem removal process.
  • Get rid of acne, because it contains "citric" acid as previously mentioned.
  • Clean oily skin and cleared of excess oils produced by the inner layers of the epidermis.
  • Skin lightening and bleaching and maintain its glory and freshness, because it works to remove dark spots on the face and get rid of dead skin cells.
  • Maintain the softness of the skin, and strengthened, and given the freshness and texture silky.
  • Get rid of freckles problems.
  • Reducing aging signs of aging and aging, because it contains many of the vitamins that permeate Vngvea and moisten them skin cells adequately.
  • Get rid of the toxins that are exposed skin continuously, because it contains antioxidants.
  • Get rid of facial pores wide, working to narrow the size proportionally after each use.

How to make use of lemon

You can take advantage of the lemon by following these steps: [3]

  • Can take advantage of lemon for oily skin by splitting a single pill in half, then flip the rub in a circular motion, which helps to clean the skin and disinfect and get rid of black heads and acne problems.
  • You can make use of lemon to hydrate the skin, by mixing equal olive oil, honey and lemon amounts, then put it on the face for a period of not less than ten minutes should then be rinsed with warm water.
  • It can get rid of dead skin cells, through the era of one lemon and add a spoonful of sugar to it, and then add the amount of water, and then pass the mixture on the face using Qatanna.


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