Benefits of laurel oil

Benefits of laurel oil

Since antiquity, where civilizations first since the dawn of history known human on the trees of the laurel, and considered it important and noble trees, was this tree rank high honor, as they splice their leaves to be placed above important greats Kalkiesrh men and enterprising heroes, also we find that it was common, especially when civilizations Greek and Greek , to put emperors laurel wreaths, and also follow the tradition in the Olympic Games to give the winner of this diadem, an estimate for completion and high prestige, and perhaps for this we read that the queen Kznobia were using, and do not forget also the Queen Cleopatra.

There is no doubt that man could be extracted from the fruits of the laurel tree Zeta aromatic sterile, where these fruits are similar to a large extent in the form of olives, this oil has been extracted in ways and means of traditional olive era as ways to extract the olive oil.

Laurel oil and its benefits

The laurel oil contains several components, where we find: alpha and beta pinene, and also Cinnamyl acid, in addition to the methyl ester, and we find it Senol, and also Tirbetol, in addition to Steral, these materials constitute this essential equivalent of 10% of the components of the oil.

Most likely is the use of this oil for the manufacture of soap, where soap Mattra naturally, is this soap with oil origin sterile, it is therefore safe if used for bathing, so since he has many benefits, we find that most of the specialists skin advise its use rather than the use of shampoo, because of its rich nutrition for the skin and gives more freshness, and thus contribute effectively to the delay special wrinkles in the face and hands, and is a strong nourishing the roots of the hair, and thus it gives the scalp durability and prevents hair from precipitation. Not to mention his being sterile, it did affect the bacteria that are stuck in the body and get rid of them, in addition to give the skin the smell so refreshing to the presence of material in the aromatic properties.

The laurel oil is one of the most important oils that have therapeutic benefits as well, it completely eliminates the diseases that affect the skin, psoriasis as a disease, and also eczema. The body fat in this oil is useful in cases of arthritis, and the resulting pain, and also in rheumatism, and recalls that in the event of suffering from migraine headache, can front rub this oil and thus will lead to a dilution of the head pain, due to the presence of material Albatnoledat in its properties and is affecting the calming pain and housed.

As well as fat is considered laurel oil for (gums and teeth) of the best ways to prevent decay and resistance to it, due to the presence of the chemical Alsceniol, which purify and protect, especially infections that affect the mouth.


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