Benefits of green apples slimming

Benefits of green apples slimming


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green apple

Green Apple is the fruit of delicious fruit favorite for many people, has three flavors, sweet, bitter and sour, it can be used for the prevention and treatment of many diseases, where his great health benefit because it is low in calories and rich in fiber, it strengthens the gums, and helps to get rid of constipation, and helps the fragmentation of gallstones as it treats severe coughing, and because of the low heat Sarath lost people used to make it a staple food in the food Hmyatem, and special features that it does not spoil quickly, it can be cooled for a period of six months without spoil.

Calories in apple green

Green apple has a low-calorie, compared with others, as Cuba green apple slices contain 63 calories, the researchers found that green apples contain calories negative, meaning that each apple contains 67 calories, and digested need to 100 calories.

This means that they consume 33 calories of fat in the body, and this confirms that the apple greens has an important role in weight loss processes and the burning of fat in the body, also contain green apple leads fiber leads to a feeling of fullness and not wanting to eat more.

Allowable amount of green apples taking them

Eating the largest amount of green apples does not mean dispensing with the rest of foods, such as foods rich in protein, eggs, seeds and nuts, but must be addressed side by side, it helps you feel full more, and it must be addressed equivalent to Cuba of green apple in diets, which must eat the amount of 1200 calories, Cuba and a half in the diets that you should eat the 1400 calories.

Benefits of green apples in the diet

  • It is considered green apples from less calories compared with other fruits such as banana fruit.
  • Green apple has a high proportion of fiber that helps in the sense of fullness for a long time, which limit and address constipation and stomach disorders.
  • Contains carbohydrates helps activity and lack of inactivity and laziness.
  • It does not contain any amount of proteins or fats.

To achieve more results effective in weight loss is the adoption of green apple juice, which consists of Tmrtin of green apples, Tmrtin of pineapple, and a handful of berries, and two cups of coconut water in addition to two slices of watermelon and eat in the morning, this juice is rich in fiber and carbohydrates that provide the body with energy aM, and help to satiety, and thus get better results and ideal weight.

Video Green Apple

Apple every day sings about the doctor, "how if they were from the green apple? Watch the video to learn more:


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