Benefits of grapefruit holder

Benefits of grapefruit holder


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  • 3 other fruits useful for pregnant
  • 4 fruit holder is advised to avoid it
  • 5 The nutritional value of grapefruit
  • 6 benefits of grapefruit depending on the degree of efficiency 6.1 potential benefits Effectiveness (Possibly Effective) 6.2 Benefits There is not enough evidence of effectiveness (Insufficient Evidence)
  • 6.1 potential benefits Effectiveness (Possibly Effective)
  • 6.2 Benefits There is not enough evidence of effectiveness (Insufficient Evidence)
  • 7 studies on the benefits of grapefruit
  • 8 video about the benefits of grapefruit
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The fruit grapefruit citrus belonging to the family Alsmabah (in English: Rutaceae Family), and grow trees in the tropics, and can reach the length of one tree to about 6 meters, and the fruits are growing in the form of clusters, with each producing a cluster of more than 12-20 the fruit of grapefruit at a time, and is mixed with intense flavor between bitterness and sweetness and light, as it is one of the fruits rich in vitamin c, so as comparative quantity of fruits is 28 grams. [1]

There are several types of follicle Alvru, which color is different from the fruit pulp grades of pink to dark red, in general, the more dark pulp more color increased the amount of antioxidants in it, and can be used as a grapefruit in many dishes and recipes; As it is used in the form of fruit or juice, also can be used as seeds. [1] [2]

Benefits of grapefruit holder

The grapefruit-rich fruits in many nutrients and important vitamins during pregnancy, essential for the growth of the fetus, as vitamins B, potassium, calcium, [3] but it is worth mentioning that there are no studies confirm the safety of the use of grapefruit during pregnancy, [4] and there some other citrus holder can be addressed, as mentioned it comes to her:

  • Orange: orange is an excellent source for a number of nutrients; As it contains water, which makes it able to save the body moisture and health, it also contains vitamin C, which helps to absorb iron, and contributes to reducing damage to cells, and in addition to that oranges contain folate, which can contribute to the prevention of the occurrence of abnormalities brain and spinal cord when the fetus; And by contributing to the reduction of the risk of fetal injury neural tube defects (in English: Neural Tube Defects), which may cause the spine Ki_qq cases (in English: Spina Bifida); It is a condition in which the spinal cord does not develop properly, or the so-called lack of the brain (in English: Anencephaly); It loses a case in which a large part of the brain and the skull. [5]
  • Lemon: Lemon may provide some benefits that can help pregnant to get rid of some of your symptoms during pregnancy; Where indicated many women that lemon absorption, or drinking lemon water or lemonade (in English: Lemonade) helped them get rid of the nausea associated with pregnancy, In addition, the lemon contain a high amount of vitamin C contributes to stimulate the digestive system to alleviate constipation, but are advised to wash the mouth after eating a lemon so does not cause tooth enamel erosion. [6]

Other fruits useful for pregnant

The vegetables and fruit in general foods rich in nutrients, which included added food and diversity of the system where access to most of the vitamins, minerals and fiber needed by the body of the pregnant and the fetus, and for specific fruit, eating pregnant her when feeling intense desire for sweets is an ideal substitute for cakes or desserts, In addition to pregnant women should eat 2-4 servings of fruit a day at least, and useful fruit holder mention the following: [6] [7]

  • Mango: where can a cup of this fruit to provide the body with 100% of the recommended quantity out (in English: Recommended Dietary Allowance) of vitamin C, also contain mango on the high vitamin quantities A, which can help prevent vitamin A deficiency at birth, which may reduce immunity, and increases the risk of some complications; Diarrhea or respiratory infections. [6]
  • Avocado: Avocado contains a number of nutrients that help to alleviate some of the symptoms associated with pregnancy, where some women indicated their contribution to alleviating nausea have; The cause may be in that they contain elemental potassium and magnesium, and potassium also contributes to relieve leg cramps; One of the symptoms associated with pregnancy, especially in the last three months, and in addition to that avocados contain choline (in English: Choline) is important for the development of the child's brain and nerves; It can lead to a deficiency in neural tube defects, and a permanent weakness in the memory, as they contain iron, folate, and some vitamins; Such as C, and K, B, Oھ, food and fiber, and copper. [6] [5]
  • Banana: exposed to almost half of the women for constipation during pregnancy, which may be due to uterine pressure on the intestine, or anxiety, or follow a diet low in fiber, or iron presence in prenatal vitamins, can bananas help to alleviate it; Being is rich in dietary fiber, and it is a good source of potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, which can help to alleviate nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy, according to a research conducted at the University of Shiraz in 2014. [6] [8]
  • Berries: Berries is a rich source of carbohydrates, which should form 50-60% of daily calories for a pregnant woman that were not suffering from gestational diabetes, so it is important to get complex carbohydrates rich sources of nutrients rather than simple carbohydrates; Like donuts, cakes, and biscuits, as berries contain folate, fiber, and a number of plant chemicals; Kalflavonid and anthocyanins, as well as it contains antioxidants, vitamin C, which contributes to the strengthening of the immune system's health, also contains water, making it an excellent source of hydration. [6] [5]
  • Apples: Apples contain many nutrients; Kalolaav, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, which provides many benefits, where one study showed that the children of mothers who ate apples during pregnancy are less likely to develop asthma and allergies children. [6] [9]
  • Apricot: as it contains a number of nutrients that help fetal development and growth; Such as iron, which can reduce the risk of anemia (in English: Anemia), and calcium, which helps bones and teeth strong growth, it also contains potassium, phosphorus, and vitamins A, C, Oھ, and beta-carotene (in English: β-Carotene) . [5]
  • Pears: Pears contain fiber that can help to relieve constipation, they also contain folate, potassium beneficial for heart health of the pregnant woman and her fetus, which can stimulate cell regeneration. [5]
  • Pomegranate: pomegranate is a good source of energy, rich in nutrients; As it contains high amounts of iron, which protects against shortages of levels, it also contains calcium, folate, protein, fiber, and vitamin K, which plays an essential role in maintaining bone health. [5]
  • Guava: can help eating guava during pregnancy to relax the muscles, improve digestion, relieve constipation, which contain a number of nutrients; As vitamin C, vitamin e, and polyhedra phenol (in English: Polyphenols), carotenoids (in English: Carotenoids), and Alaezovlavon (in English: Isoflavones), and folate, making it an ideal choice for pregnant women. [5]
  • Grapes: since it contains a number of nutrients that contribute to the biochemical changes that occur during pregnancy, it also contains antioxidants that help boost the immune, as well as vitamins C and K, folate, fiber, organic, pectin and acids. [5]
  • Dried fruits: contain dried fruit on the same nutrients found in fresh ones, and the holder can get the recommended amounts of the vitamins and minerals, but shares smaller by eating dried fruits, but they can contain the largest amount of sugar, and do not contain water; Ie, it may not help the process of digestion, and therefore prefer to be eaten in moderation, and not dealt with instead of fresh fruit. [5]

Fruit holder is advised to avoid it

In normal cases, the pregnant and did not suffer from any complications during pregnancy; Kscri pregnancy there is no particular fruit is advisable to avoid it, but that what is specifically recommended washing fruits and well taken care of without washing; It can fruit that contain contaminants from the soil that has grown therein; Harmful like bacteria found in animal feces and cause toxoplasmosis (in English: Toxoplasmosis), in addition to the possibility of containing pesticide residues. [10]

It also is advisable to avoid fruit juices and non-pasteurized papaya fruit is ripe; So as to contain high amounts of latex (in English: Latex), which is believed to be possible to cause the pregnant uterine contractions, premature birth, but it should be noted that the amount of this article less than the greater maturity of papaya. [11] [12]

The nutritional value of grapefruit

Fruit grapefruit grapefruit contain a number of nutrients, and the following table shows the quantities in a cup of cut grapefruit with pink or red color; Or the equivalent of 230 grams including: [13]

Benefits of grapefruit by the degree of efficiency

Can grapefruit and the addition of nutrients to extend the human body the following benefits: [14]

Potential benefits Effectiveness (Possibly Effective)

  • Help weight loss: According to a study conducted on mice and published in the American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism in 2010 that he believed that grapefruit grapefruit content of a substance called Alnotkacon (in English: Nootkatone) can contribute to the promotion of weight loss; Where it can activate certain proteins help reduce obesity, through the easing of metabolic disorders (in English: Metabolic Disorders), [15] On the other hand, grapefruit contains grapefruit fiber that slows the speed of gastric emptying, and increase the time of digestion, which contributes to the increased time a feeling of fullness. [16] [1]

Benefits There is not enough evidence of effectiveness (Insufficient Evidence)

  • Promote heart health: some preliminary studies suggest that it can consumption pectin fiber in grapefruit daily for 16 weeks to lower total cholesterol levels, as it can reduce the ratio of LDL cholesterol to beneficial, but it is uncertain, and still there is a need for further studies to confirm it. [17]
  • Reduce triglyceride levels: some preliminary studies suggest that eating the fruit of a grapefruit daily may lower levels of triglycerides in people who suffer from high where, but no longer sufficient evidence for that yet. [4]
  • Reduce symptoms in patients with eczema: as a modern research has shown that it can extract grapefruit seed that reduces constipation, gas, and upset stomach in people who suffer from eczema; This may be due to its effects on gut bacteria, but is still insufficient evidence to confirm that yet. [18]
  • Improve the cases of people with asthma: some preliminary research has shown that it can eat fruit rich in vitamin C to improve lung function in people with asthma, but it needs to be many studies to confirm it. [17]
  • Grapefruit and many other benefits, but there are no studies confirm their effectiveness and recall of these benefits as follows: [4] reduce depression. Alleviation of tension. Relieve headaches. Reduce muscle fatigue. Reduce the risk of cancer.
  • Reduce depression.
  • Alleviation of tension.
  • Relieve headaches.
  • Reduce muscle fatigue.
  • Reduce the risk of cancer.

Studies on the benefits of grapefruit

A study conducted at the University of California in 2014 showed that it can grapefruit juice that helps to prevent insulin resistance and weight gain, both of which is one of the risk factors of diabetes type II. [14] [19]

Video about the benefits of grapefruit

To learn about the benefits of grapefruit watched the video. [20]


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  • ↑ Video about the benefits of grapefruit.


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