Benefits of Fruit Passion Fruit

Benefits of Fruit Passion Fruit


  • 1 grapefruit Albashn
  • 2 Benefits of Fruit Passion Fruit 2.1 content of nutrients 2.2 Benefits Benefits of Fruit Passion Fruit by scientific proof strength 2.2.1 Benefits possesses strong scientific evidence 2.2.2 has the benefits of less powerful scientific evidence
  • 2.1 content of nutrients
  • 2.2 Benefits Benefits of Fruit Passion Fruit by scientific proof strength 2.2.1 Benefits possesses strong scientific evidence 2.2.2 has the benefits of less powerful scientific evidence
  • 2.2.1 Benefits possesses strong scientific evidence
  • 2.2.2 has the benefits of less powerful scientific evidence
  • 3 nutritional value Passionfruit
  • 4 Are eaten grapefruit peel fruit Passion and what are its benefits
  • 5 damage grapefruit fruit Passion 5.1 Safety degree Fruit Passion Fruit Warning 5.2 Use grapefruit fruit Passion
  • 5.1 Safety degree Fruit Passion Fruit
  • Warning 5.2 Use grapefruit fruit Passion
  • 6 References

Grapefruit Albashn

The Passion Fruit (scientific name: Passiflora edulis) or also known as Almarakwea, fruit or flower pain, or passion fruit, or Miss Flora, or Bsflora; One of the types of plants that belong to the species Alalamah (in English: Passifloraceae), is tropical and subtropical environments suitable for the growth of different types of them, due native to the southern region in Brazil, then spread cultivation to Paraguay and northern Argentina, but they are currently grown in Australia , United States of America as well, and the plant can grow at a rate of 4 to 6 meters per year. [1] [2]

The fruit of Passion Fruit are characterized by oval, ranging in colors of its skin solid smooth with texture bayberry between the purple color dark with pale white spots, light or yellow color color gourd, surrounded crust filled gap BLP with an orange color, contains the pulp to approximately 250 seed solid black or brown color, can distinguish the ripe fruits of Passion grapefruit heavily weight compared to their size, and the thickness of the shell, and the crease crust means they are on the verge of dehydration, and can be frozen pulp of the fruit, or stored in the refrigerator for two to three weeks, while in cold climates can kept at room temperature. [2] [3]

The pulp and seeds of the removable parts to eat in the Passion Fruit, despite the acidity of the seeds to some extent, can also filter the pulp of the seeds industry juice from it, or boil the whole fruit and mixing industry juice, can also use the fruit in the jam Passion Fruit industry, [4] In addition till then; You can use grapefruit seed Passion in many products functional foods (in English: Functional Foods), can also be oil seeds to be used as materials in the preparation of aromatic foods; Therefore, because of the smell that this is similar to the smell of fruit. [5]

Benefits of Fruit Passion Fruit

Content of nutrients

  • Vitamin A: Vitamin A is an essential component of the health of cells, eyes, immune and reproduction, it contains fruit pulp and seeds Passion Alvru on approximately 8% of the daily needs of the body of this vitamin [3].
  • Antioxidants: The Passion of grapefruit fruits rich in antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals (English: Free Radicals); It is unstable molecules that can cause damage to cells of the body in the event of its presence in large quantities, and antioxidants found in this fruit is known Bmtadeddat phenol (in English: Polyphenols), a vegetable compounds that can reduce the risk of chronic inflammation and heart disease, so what is owned from the adverse effects of inflammatory as well as its effect as an antioxidant, [6] It is the most important polyhedra phenolic in this fruit type is called Albasatanol (in English: Piceatannol), which can be if taken as food supplements to reduce the risk of type II diabetes, and improves the body's sensitivity insulin males who suffer from overweight, and vitamin c as well as one of the types of antioxidants available in abundance in the Passion Fruit, which in turn helps the body in the blood vessels, muscles and cartilage formation, collagen, which maintains healthy skin, also contributes to this vitamin reduce inflammation and reduce the risk of exposure to the cold and helps the body to recover, and protect cells from damage and some types of cancers. [6] [3]
  • Dietary fiber: Can dietary fiber to provide the body with a number of health benefits; It may help reduce blood cholesterol levels, and to give the body a feeling of fullness or satiety for a longer period; Such a feeling that reduces high levels of insulin and reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome (in English: Metabolic Syndrome), in addition to this; Dietary fiber can relieve constipation and gas, as it reduces the acidity, and the levels of ammonia in the colon; Thereby enhancing the health Almikrubiom environment (in English: Microbiota) or the so-called bacteria beneficial in the intestines, and can reduce the risk of colon cancer, and generally promote the benefits of the health of the digestive system, and for the peel of this fruit, they are rich in fiber biodegradable; Which have anti-diabetic effects and the so-called dyslexia blood lipids (in English: Dyslipidemia). [7] [8]
  • Magnesium: The fruit is rich in the element of Passion Fruit magnesium, which may help to reduce levels of anxiety and stress; Where he showed a systematic review published in the journal Nutrients in 2017 that magnesium may help to control anxiety levels among those who suffer from it, and though this is still interest need more studies to confirm it. [9] [10]
  • Potassium: fruit contains grapefruit Passion good levels of potassium which is associated with low levels in the body of some problems that may affect cardiac function; Khdot imbalance in the cardiovascular systems (in English: Arrhythmias) or an imbalance in the heart, so it is very essential for the health of the heart and functions of eating adequate amounts of potassium through diet. [11]

The benefits of the benefits of grapefruit fruit Passion according to the strength of scientific evidence

  • Improve insulin sensitivity: You know the sensitivity of insulin (in English: Insulin Sensitivity) as the relationship between the amounts of insulin needed by the body to enter a certain amount of glucose found in the blood to the cells, [12] and helps improve insulin sensitivity to reduce the risk of diabetes and many other diseases; Where a study published in the journal Nutrients in 2017, showed that the material Albasatanol (in English: Piceatannol) found in the seeds of grapefruit fruit Passion can improve the body's insulin sensitivity and improve the process of metabolism as well. [13] [10]
  • The possibility of possessing anti-cancer properties: a small study conducted at the University of Florida in 2003 showed that the content of Passion Fruit of plant chemicals (in English: Phytochemicals); Kalkorotanat (in English: Carotenoids), and phenols are likely to possess anti-cancer properties; The study showed that these ingredients may have a role in the inhibition of the proliferation of leukemia cells and stimulate the process of programmed death of cancer cells (in English: Apoptosis). [14]
  • Lower blood pressure: showed a preliminary study published in the Phytotherapy Research Journal in 2013 that the Fruit Passion Fruit contains some ingredients that can positively affect blood pressure levels, where the analysis carried out on the core of the yellow fruit of the Passion Fruit fit on a number of antioxidants which is believed to be responsible for lowering systolic blood pressure (in English: systolic blood pressure) significantly, and these antioxidants: flavonoids and polyphenols, ascorbic acid, or what is known as vitamin c, and carotenoids, but still this way of working vehicles need more studies to know . [15]

The nutritional value of the Passionfruit

Grapefruit contains Passion on a number of vitamins and minerals and the following table shows the quantities in one cup or the equivalent of 236 grams of this fruit: [16]

You are eaten grapefruit peel fruit Passion and what are its benefits

The peel Passion fruit grapefruit is edible, so as to contain substances that may cause poisoning, can read more about it in a paragraph damage to fruit Passion Fruit below, [6] but can get these extracts crust, since there are some studies that suggest health benefits, and the mention of these studies as follows:

  • A study published in the Journal of Nutrition Research in 2008 the effect of dietary supplements for grapefruit peel fruit Passion in the relief of symptoms associated with asthma; Kaloziz or wheezing during breathing, coughing, shortness of breath, when ingested over 4 weeks, to possess anti-inflammatory properties. [17]
  • A study published in the Journal of Nutrition Research in 2016 and conducted a number of people with degenerative joint inflammation; Which is one of the main causes of joint pain, disability or disability, and found during this study, the possibility of the ability of fruit and grapefruit rind Passion in particular in alleviating the symptoms of people with degenerative joint inflammation; Where the results showed a decrease in the levels of stiffness and pain in the joints and a decrease in the deficit after the level of eating rich crust supplements compounds flavonoids (in English: Flavonoid), has attributed this effect to the characteristics of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant possessed by these supplements, but this effect is still needed more Studies to confirm it. [18]
  • A preliminary study published in Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences Journal in 2019 showed a positive effects of the extract of grapefruit peel fruit Passion of all kinds; Red, yellow, and purple in promoting the health of the liver and kidneys, in particular type purple showed the greatest influence in the possession of promoting the health of both members, compared with the other two. [19]

Fruit damage Grapefruit Passion

Safety degree grapefruit fruit Passion

Eating grapefruit fruit Passion safe for most people. [6]

Warning use grapefruit fruit Passion

Some patients may experience allergic to proteins found in latex or the so-called milk plant (in English: Latex) for allergic reaction when eating this fruit; Because it contains some proteins similar structurally with proteins found in latex, and on the other hand can peel the fruit of the Purple Passion Fruit to be known as the name cyanide (in English: Cyanide), which may cause poisoning if eaten in large quantities; Which consists of mixing enzymes with chemicals found in the cortex known Balgluckosedat Alcianogenih (in English: Cyanogenic Glycosides), but it is worth mentioning that the outer shell of this fruit is edible basically as it is, but can be obtained extracts. [6]


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