Benefits of fruit for facial skin

Benefits of fruit for facial skin


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Fruit and skin

Many believe that it can get healthy and attractive appearance only using cosmetics and facial care creams do not; But this belief is wrong no truth in it; One Visttia to get the vitality of the skin that relied on a balanced diet, in which different varieties of healthy foods, notably fruit; Where many studies have proven scientific research and the importance of fruit skin care of various kinds.

Benefits of fruit for facial skin

the banana

The bananas of the most important fruits that maintain the freshness and vitality of the skin; It fights free radicals that cause wrinkles fine lines; Because it contains many minerals needed by the skin such as: iron, potassium, magnesium, in addition to contain a high percentage of vitamins, most notably: vitamin A, vitamin E, as well as group B vitamins.


It is one of the sources rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant important to lighten the color of the skin, and removing dark spots that appear as a result of exposure to sunlight for long periods of time, or those effects that acne, uses lemon as a natural to cleanse the skin, cleaning Msamadtha of dirt and dust, and the renewal of dead skin cells, preferably mixing lemon juice with honey to prevent dry skin.


The apple of nutrients for the skin of fruits; As interference in the composition Madta elastin and collagen, which are helping to get pure and clear skin without any defects, and his _khasaisa make him wetted normal cells face, especially when mixed with other natural materials such as: oats, honey, and rose water.


Featuring manga very high its proximity vitamin A, which is one of the most important antioxidants that have a role in the fight against wrinkles and prevent their appearance, as it has the ability to regenerate skin cells, increase flexibility and flexibility.

Black raspberries

Black berry contains many antioxidants, which helps to get a fresh and vibrant skin, free of any signs of fatigue, or progress in life, as it keeps the survival of healthy skin cells and reduces exposure to problems.


Helps kiwi lift facial skin, and keeps them free pure of impurities and dirt that accumulate in the pores, which is one of the most important fruits that fights fine lines that show the skin, in addition to its role in the provision of materials and elements of food that you need skin and the most important vitamins.

the strawberry

Strawberries fruits that give color to the skin, opening the face; Because they contain acid which malic has an essential role in getting rid of dark spots and effects that appear on the skin.


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