Benefits of fruit Alkmkuat

Benefits of fruit Alkmkuat


  • 1 fruit Alkmkuat
  • 2 nutritional value of the fruit Alkmkuat
  • 3 Benefits of fruit Alkmkuat 3.1 food ingredients for fruit Alkmkuat 3.2 Studies on the benefits of fruit Alkmkuat
  • 3.1 food ingredients for fruit Alkmkuat
  • 3.2 Studies on the benefits of fruit Alkmkuat
  • 4 damaged fruit Alkmkuat
  • 5 way to use fruit Alkmkuat
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Fruit Alkmkuat

Known fruit Alkmkuat golden orange or Japanese, and back its origin to the southeast of China, a citrus and shape resembles orange, a small size of a large olive beads, characterized by the sweetness of its skin and acidity, and grow hundreds of these fruits are small shrubs, and is the fruit Alkmkuat favorite fruit industry jam, candy jelly, cocktails, and many kinds of desserts, due to its taste sweet sour, is also used Mstkhalsa in many medical uses, [1] it is worth mentioning that the fruit Alkmkuat enjoy the crust thick contribute to maintaining the quality, and protect them from damage during shipping and transportation. [2]

The nutritional value of the fruit Alkmkuat

The following table shows the nutrients found in 100 grams of Alkmkuat: [3]

Benefits of fruit Alkmkuat

Food ingredients for fruit Alkmkuat

  • A rich source of vitamin C: is Alkmkuat a rich source of vitamin C necessary blood vessels, cartilage, muscle, collagen, in addition to the importance of healing, it is worth mentioning that it is not naturally consists in the body, must therefore be obtained from either food, or in the form of tablets. [ 4]
  • A rich source of vitamin A: contains Alkmkuat high amounts of vitamin A, which has an important role in many body functions such as: vision, growth, reproduction, and immunity. [4]
  • A rich source of dietary fiber: 100 grams availability of Alkmkuat 28% of the dietary fiber of the need daily, as the rate of need for daily fiber between 25 ranges to 30 grams, is the importance of dietary fiber by reducing the risk of diabetes, colon cancer, heart disease and blood vessels, In addition to promoting the health of the digestive system. [5]

Studies on the benefits of fruit Alkmkuat

  • Indicated laboratory study published in the journal Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry in 2015, that Alkmkuat contain compounds that may help to activate the immune cells, or the so-called natural killer cells (in English: Natural killer cell). [6]
  • She laboratory study published in PLOS ONE magazine in 2014, until the fruit Alkmkuat may contribute to reducing the risk of obesity and metabolic disorders associated with them. [7]
  • It showed a laboratory study published in Pharmacology and Clinics of Chinese Materia Medica magazine in 2007, that eating Alkmkuat affects the rate of glucose in the blood significantly, [8] It contains a small percentage of sugar, in addition to containing the necessary dietary fiber for patients with diabetes first of both types and II. [9]
  • , According to a study published by the Food & Function magazine in 2019 that eating small amounts of Alkmkuat may help reduce stress, enhance the activity of natural NK cells. [10]
  • A preliminary study published in Nutrition and Cancer Journal in 2000, and the results showed that the citrus peel contains limonene compound, which may affect the carcinoma squamous cells (in English: Squamous cell carcinomas) in the skin, there is a need to conduct further studies to prove. [ 11]

Fruit damage Alkmkuat

Raw fruits may contain fresh and some types of bacteria such as E. coli (in English: E.coli), Salmonella, and Listeria (in English: Listeria), which is responsible for many diseases, and can be avoided either cooked Alkmkuat, or thoroughly washed with running water. [4]

How to use fruit Alkmkuat

Preferably eat complete with crust Alkmkuat, they can be rubbed gently to extract essential oils from the crust, and get a mix of sweet and sour taste, as chew preferably well for longer to get a taste sweeter and, if not carrying sour taste can get rid of the juice to cut off one of the two parties and pressure, can also soften the crust through the immersion of the fruit with boiling water for 20 seconds and then rinse with cold water. [12]


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