Benefits of Flax Hair Oil

Benefits of Flax Hair Oil


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Flax is defined as a plant around me, the original home is the eastern Mediterranean, and flax seeds with a recipe oily, ie, it contains high oil ratio, so extracted from the flax which is characterized by the presence of the value of food items such as proteins oil, omega-3, as well as oil contains flax material for Egnam anti-cancer, contains natural estrogen, which is very important for women in menopause, it avoids the symptoms associated with menopause, it is not recommended for pregnant women taking it or nursing.

Benefits of Flax Hair Oil

Aesthetic oil hand linen is very useful for hair, skin, because flaxseed oil contains properties of anti-inflammatory properties and help to rejuvenate cells, so it works flax oil on dry hair nutrition, and fragile, and prevents Teixrh, and our subject we will discuss the benefits of flax hair oil Such as:

  • Protect hair from damage: because it nourishes the parties to the hair and strengthen.
  • Very useful for the scalp it is fed and makes hair follicles stronger, in order to contain beneficial vitamins to nourish hair follicles.
  • It gives luster and shine to the hair.
  • Processing the hair Brittle, and give him the strength and beauty of more intensity than it was, because it contains omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Protects against baldness: because it contains the enzyme function to convert the hormone testosterone to the hormone Aldehdrutstostron and this hormone output has a role in preventing significantly reducing the growth of hair follicles, follicles remain Vbatalla working and increase hair growth.
  • After the hair dye is used as a treatment for hair, because dye products work on drying hair he is working on the toilet to prevent hair Teixrh.
  • Gives the softness of the hair and gives a balsamic effect, the hair becomes silky, and gives a very beautiful view.
  • Prevent the emergence of white hair: to the availability of vitamin E in abundance in it, as it restores hair natural color gradually when used to constantly.

Methods of eating flax oil

  • Eat two tablespoons of it by mouth increases the nutritional values ​​are essential for healthy hair.
  • Change the taste is possible to add flax oil on a salad or milk or even add it to the juice.

Recipes Flax Hair Oil

  • Soften curly hair and make it soft: This is done by mixing oil with flax seed oil grapefruit, rubbed on the hair for half an hour before showering, and this mixture is used once a week.
  • Prevent hair loss mixed with flax oil Olive oil: is placed on the head for an hour or more before bathing, and in this recipe focus on hair and limbs do not focus on the scalp.

Video about the benefits of using flax seed for hair

To learn more about the benefits of using flax seed Hair Watch the video:


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