Benefits of Eye Camel Oil

Benefits of Eye Camel Oil


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Known eye sentences, or the so-called nuts, scientifically as Juglans; It is a tree grows to a height of 45 meters and has a straight trunk and bark gray, leaves the vehicle length ranges between 15 and 30 centimeters, and the crown of the tree is open and round, and returns the original home of the coconut to Asia but now grown in France and other parts of Europe, North Africa , North America, it is worth mentioning that the oil eye camel used since ancient times in the treatment of several health problems, such as; Diarrhea, intestinal pain, hemorrhoids, rickets, disorders of the thyroid, it may be useful in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, and some skin diseases such as; Blisters, ulcers, itching, and sunburn, as some civilizations used the bark of trees eye camel to clean teeth and improve oral health as it increases the pH of saliva. [1]

It should be noted that the eye camel is a good source of protein, fiber, healthy fats, when you buy eye camel must choose unsalted species to avoid health problems, and to ensure that the maximum period of validity must be stored in an airtight container closure in the freezer or fridge, away from smelling foods such as strong; Onions, garlic, and fish; It can absorb the flavors of the eye camel and other foods. [2]

Benefits of Eye Camel Oil

Eye oil contains camel, extracted from the fruits of the eye camel, on a number of fatty acids that include; Oleic (in English: Oleic), linoleic (in English: Linoleic), acids linolenic (in English: Linolenic), these ratios are important fatty acids in the oil to determine the economic value, and nutrition; Since the low content of acids, linoleic and linolenic helps to increase the duration of its validity, it is worth mentioning that the oil eye camel is used for cosmetic purposes because of the high content of fatty acids, which is one of the components of skin creams dry, as included in the anti-wrinkle products, and resistance to aging, [3] and recall of other benefits as follows: [4]

  • Contributes to maintaining the health of the heart: where high cholesterol levels associated with increased risk of heart disease, stroke, and other health problems, researchers have after several concluded studies that the addition of the eye camel and olive oil to the diet may help lower cholesterol levels harmful in blood, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease.
  • Contributes to the enhancement of fertility in men: where the study was conducted to evaluate the usefulness of eating eye sentences or olive oil to improve sperm health. The study included 117 men from healthy people aged between 21 and 35 years, the researchers have Ptksamanm into two groups; Where the first group took 75 grams of eye sentences a day for 12 weeks, while avoiding the second group dealt with eye sentences, have the results showed an increase in activity, the movement of sperm, and their properties formal in the first group, however, could not researchers determine whether eating eye sentences will benefit young people who suffer from fertility problems.
  • Help reduce the symptoms of diabetes type II: Where One study indicated that 15 grams of eye camel oil consumption for three months, led to a significant decrease in glucose levels, and improve the sugar balance in the blood in general, can also be effective in mitigation or prevention of the symptoms of diabetes type II, in addition to alleviating disorders that may be associated with diabetes, such as; Metabolic syndrome. [5]

Benefits of eye sentences

Enjoy the fruits of the eye sentences with many health benefits, which, among them the following: [6]

  • It contains many antioxidants: such as vitamin E and melatonin (in English: Melatonin), and plant compounds called polyphenols (in English: Polyphenols), and this in turn may help the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, which may cause accumulation atherosclerosis.
  • Help to promote the health of the gastrointestinal tract: where studies show that the presence of the enhanced bacteria health in the gut, may contribute to enhance and improve their health, and installation is healthy microbes leads in the intestine to increase the risk of obesity, heart disease, cancer, one study showed that eat 43 grams of the eye sentences a day for eight weeks, led to the increase in the proportion of beneficial bacteria in the number of people healthy adults.
  • Contribute to reducing the risk of certain types of cancers: such as; Breast cancer, prostate, colon, according to several studies on the test tubes, animals, and humans, and may be the reason behind this effect is to contain the eye sentences on the type of polyphenols called Balaalajitanin (in English: Ellagitannins).
  • Help lower blood pressure: some studies suggest that the eye camel consumption can help reduce blood pressure, both in people with high blood pressure, or even for healthy people, and on the other hand, some studies did not notice the existence of this effect.

The nutritional value of the oil eye camel

The following table shows the range of nutrients available in the amount of oil the camel eye of a tablespoon or the equivalent of 15 Mlilira: [7]

Warning eye camel consumption

Ein camel is safe if consumed in moderate amounts, and there is insufficient information to see if it is safe to consume in large quantities, it should be noted that the camel eye may cause some side-like symptoms; Soften stool, bloating, weight gain, as it may cause allergic reactions in some people, in addition, it is recommended during both phases of pregnancy and breast-feeding consumption eye camel in moderation, since no information is available to see if it was safe to consume medicinal amounts. [8]


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