Benefits of exercise stomach

Benefits of exercise stomach


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  • 3.1 Exercise lifting legs
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  • 3.3 exercise bike
  • 4 tips to get rid of stomach fat

stomach exercises

The problem of obesity and collected fat from Haunting problems experienced by many people, because they cause them difficulty in choosing clothes, as well as health problems, so we must find appropriate solutions to this problem, and exercise that play a role in pulling the body, and in this article we will talk some stomach exercises, and benefits, as well as some tips to be followed to get rid of belly fat.

Benefits of stomach exercises

  • Tightens abdominal muscles, and strengthens it.
  • It helps to burn and melt the fat accumulated in the abdominal area.
  • Strengthen the abdominal muscles, and refine beautifully.
  • Improve the appearance of the body, especially the rumen area.
  • Protect against stomach diseases.

stomach exercises

Exercise lifting legs

  • Lie on your back, and make your knees, and groin area Mtaamdtan with the ground level.
  • Pull your knees toward your chest, using the strength of the stomach muscles.
  • Go back to normal, and then repeat the exercise ten times for three stages.
  • Take a break for a period of five seconds between each stage and the other.

Rumen exercises

  • Lie on your back, your arms and make to the side of your body.
  • Raise your legs gradually to form a trunk with legs angle.
  • Proven feet on the same position for ten seconds.
  • Lower your legs gradually with the count of ten, and then repeat the exercise twenty times, three stages.
  • Take a break between each stage and the other.

Exercise bike

  • Lie on the floor, lift your feet to form a right angle with the trunk.
  • Move your feet in a circular motion, as if you are riding a bicycle.
  • Your hands clasped behind your head, taking into account the detailed contact with the right hand to the left foot joint.
  • Repeat twenty times, four rounds, taking into account the switch between the feet.
  • Take a break between each exercise and another for five seconds.

Tips to get rid of stomach fat

  • Drink adequate amounts of water, up to two liters and a half on a daily basis.
  • Avoid eating carbohydrates and fatty substances that contain large amounts of calories.
  • Exercise for the disposal of accumulated fat in the belly area.
  • Avoid eating fast foods in restaurants, which contain high calories.
  • Eating fruits and vegetables that contain fiber.
  • Sleep and rest periods is sufficient.
  • Avoid starving the body for long periods, but you should eat five meals a day.
  • Eating food that contains spices that reduce blood sugar and protects the body from the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area, such as black pepper, cinnamon, turmeric.
  • Eating herbs that help burn body fat, and those in the rumen area.


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