Benefits of dried fruit holder

Benefits of dried fruit holder


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Dried fruit

The dried fruit from the removal of the water content of the different fruits as apples, apricots, grapes, figs and other fruits, drained naturally under the sun's rays, or artificially in thermal ovens, using special materials for drying, drying fruit has been known for hundreds of years in Mesopotamia, and enjoy fruit dried great popularity because of the sweet taste, and the length of storage, high nutritional value, and comes with benefits and caveats will mention to eat dried fruit holder.

Benefits of dried fruit holder

  • Get rid of the problem of constipation: The constipation of the most problems faced by pregnant women because of pregnancy hormones that slow down bowel movements and get the child to most of the food that is ingested, so you must be careful pregnant to eat sufficient amounts of fiber before birth to be able to eliminate the need, eat dried fruit helps pregnant in taking the adequacy of the necessary fiber to get rid of the problem of constipation.
  • The body supply sufficient quantity of iron: you need pregnant in pregnancy to about 27 mg of iron per day, and is a dried fruit is a rich source required for the formation of hemoglobin in iron, thus increasing the volume of blood, and helps to produce additional amounts needed for the child hemoglobin, and help him to receive oxygen of the lungs.
  • Supply the body with vitamin A: dried fruit especially dried apricots contain large amounts of vitamin A is essential to help the body to use red blood cells, and give visibility to the child, and to maintain the health of the immune system.
  • Supply the body with vitamin E: The vitamin E intake of appropriate amounts in pregnancy helps cells and the growth of the lungs of the child, and maintains normal blood sugar level and prevents the child from asthma injury and helps to absorb vitamin A better.
  • Power supply body: energy is necessary to nourish the muscles of the body and the pregnant woman feeding her baby.
  • Having a healthy baby: Eating dried fruit during pregnancy helps to have a healthy baby, and contributes to the protection from asthma and breathing problems.

Warning when eating dried fruits during pregnancy

  • Care to eat dried fruits naturally, and away from eating dried fruits in the factories; Because it contains trace amounts of acrylamide, which is considered a toxic substance, and show their toxic effects in food when heated for long periods, and can be carcinogenic and affect the nerves and fertility.
  • Avoid excessive intake of dried fruits; And because they contain large amounts of calories.
  • Care to eat fresh fruit instead of dried if any; This is because the dried fruit may contain sulfur dioxide, which causes allergies and asthma.

Video Benefits of dried fruit

To learn about the benefits of dried fruit, watch the video.


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