Benefits of dried figs on an empty stomach

Benefits of dried figs on an empty stomach

Dried figs

You can not limit the benefits to the body from eating fresh fruit, thanks to each of them unique and special combination, they are very rich in natural and mineral elements, vitamins, amino acids and other, which the body needs primarily to do all Almyate vital and to maintain the health and strength of its members and integrity, as well as it provides the body necessary for the performance of activities and tasks of everyday life, whether physical or mental energy, thanks to contain a high percentage of Algelozkoz or sugar, natural and other elements, but some kinds of fruits are considered seasonal, ie, they are available at the dates of certain periods during the months of the year, so people turn to dry through the withdrawal of sugar to prevent corruption and to ensure their validity for as long as possible, including the fruit of the fig which is one of the best fruits that provide the body with many of the basic elements needed, and is considered a cure for many health problems, and a protective factor for a number of other ones, It also helps to get rid of many of the problems that negatively affect the aesthetic appearance of the people, especially in the case was dealt with on an empty stomach in the early hours of boyhood H immediately after waking up from sleep.

Benefits of dried figs on an empty stomach

  • Dried figs in the natural composition contains a set of essential vitamins for the body, including vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, necessary for health, beauty and freshness of the skin and skin.
  • It is one of the most powerful elements of natural antioxidant, which makes it resistant to cracks and free radicals that cause cancer and cancer cells of different types, which pose a real threat to human life may claim him eventually to death.
  • Greatly help to alleviate blood pressure and regulation, which protects against many serious diseases associated with it, and that it contains thanks to a high proportion of potassium.
  • It is one of the richest natural elements rich in fiber, which increases the feeling of fullness, and reduces the need to eat meals, and thus helps to lose weight and melt the fat and grease and get rid of obesity.
  • It is rich in fiber making it helps to lower the rate of cholesterol LDL in the body and raise good cholesterol, and thus protect against cardiovascular and vascular blood clots, strokes and other fatal diseases.
  • Helps greatly to solve various hair problems, especially the problem of drought that result in the crust and brittle and cracking, itching and other, as well as nourishes the hair and scalp Besellath many of the essential vitamins for hair growth.

Video Benefits of dried figs

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