Benefits of dried figs and olive oil

Benefits of dried figs and olive oil

Dried figs and olive oil

I swear by God Almighty Baltin and olives in his book Aziz, where he says: (figs and olives * developed years * and this country Secretary) [Sura figs: 1-3] due to their great benefits to the human body, the ancient and contemporary doctors have come up to the benefits of not for countless figs and olive oil, it is worth mentioning that those who are suffering from inflammation of the intestines and digestive system disorder are advised to eat a small amount of figs, and in our article this will show the benefits of figs with olive oil.

Benefits of dried figs and olive oil

  • Increased bowel activity: through cutting seven grains of figs in half, and then moieties are placed in a bowl and add the olive oil and sliced ​​lemon fresh, and cover the pot and leave the whole day, and then filtered half figs oil and eaten in the morning.
  • Treatment of constipation: through washing the fruits of figs thoroughly with water, and are taken on an empty stomach in the morning.
  • Treatment of dysuria: through grinding dry figs until smooth, then add cumin powder, and mixing the well and put a piece of cloth and damage to the abdominal area at the bottom of the navel of the hand of the bladder.
  • Teen extends the body of calories, and is resistant to cold in the winter, and is eaten with nuts for this purpose.
  • Treatment of respiratory tract infections and the treatment of sore throat and bronchitis: cut figs to half, and then placed in a bowl and add the hot water, then left after a full day and filtered, and it is a cup in the morning and another cup in the evening.
  • Treatment of whooping cough and relieve cough: so as to drink a cup of soaked figs before eating meals.
  • Light treatment of burns: so that grinds dry figs until smooth and then placed on the affected area burns.
  • Treatment of gum sores and cysts, and so by cutting figs and put it on the place of sores.
  • Increase the strength of the body and the treatment of thin and get rid of wasting.
  • Elimination of sciatica pain.
  • Reduce the pain of the spine and joints: they cook figs olive oil and add the pine until it becomes a smooth texture Kalmarham, and then placed on the place of pain and leaves the whole night.
  • Increase the strength of muscles and nerves, and increase the activity of the body.
  • Treatment of asthma: This fig leaves mint mix well green and thyme, then eat a spoon of it after eating meals.
  • Treatment of bladder infections and inflammation of the kidneys.
  • Get rid of warts, through mixing ground barley Baltin and vinegar, and then the mixture is placed above the warts and heal the place and leaves the whole night.


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