Benefits of Dog Breeding

Benefits of Dog Breeding


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Animal and human

Man lived side by side with animals everywhere in the world, man and tried to smart and viable nature of learning to take advantage of these animals either catch and eat meat and take advantage of they provided, or Bastinasha and bred to help him work on his daily life. Of course, man began to raise the most familiar and less abused his animal companion to make him and his assistant, and began those animals in a friendly and gentle communicate with the human that met him ideals. Cats and dogs are considered the most prominent of the pet that much wants her upbringing at home they give a wonderful atmosphere of fun and vitality. Many people believe that the dog friend in him because it has a strong sense and intelligence to its owner, so the home education for dogs of human things wonderful, especially the pet dog, loyal and never hurts its owner.

History of the domestication of dogs

Making humans from dogs pets for the first time in Europe during the prehistoric era for use in fishing and in the twentieth century BC, and says other theories that have been domesticated dogs first time in East Asia. Dogs turned wolves wild dogs pets when wolves cinerea approached the human communities began to get prey, but cleverly human acumen could meet those wolves needs to implement what are required of them as acts of guard and fishing, but also human and has the training to do so. [ 1]

Benefits of Dog Breeding

Scientific studies and experiments have shown that pets in general education positively affect human health, psychological, social and physical, as well as offering a real service if exploited commercially. The benefits of breeding dogs in particular have a very significant benefits to humans, including: [2], [2]

  • Physical Health: The acquisition of a dog in the home may encourage the owner to exercise and movement, as it is known that dogs love running and this is useful for good health. The good companion dog in the exercise, whether running or cycling. Studies have shown that dog owners are less likely to stress, and less visit to the doctors, and have normal levels of blood pressure and cholesterol. Experts note that children who have been exposed to contact with dogs during childhood is less susceptible to allergies and asthma.
  • Emotional and mental health: psychologists believed that owning a pet dog at home working on a sense of Ballance and reduces the feeling of loneliness. Depression is due to sit for a long time in a calm and non-fatal words can kills his neighbor in a satisfactory condition, but the dog a good home partner transmits an atmosphere of fun. The dogs have a great ability to spread love and affection, studies have shown that dogs have a positive impact on the mental health of the human being, and thus be better off all collectors of people who do not have dogs. Dogs are a distinctive companion for the elderly; It helps to reduce severe their stress and make them more active and movement among their peers. Studies found that 70% of families who owned a dog recently became happier and more fun than ever before.
  • Guarding: Dogs are considered one of the best animal skill and dedication to the protection of persons and private collections, it is also one of the most powerful ways to guard its owner feel safe His presence and peace of mind. It is known that dogs strong observation, so they are able to distinguish stranger from home quickly, and in this great against thieves and strangers benefit.
  • Recreation: Dogs pretty good at entertaining its owner, it gives an atmosphere of fun and fun dating happiness to the person through his training on specific movements and play together. Dogs are also used extensively in various types of circus and acrobatics; It responds perfectly to interactive with human training. She also appeared in the recent involvement of dogs in abundance in talent programs to draw the world's attention to the talents of the coach or the same dog.
  • Fishing: Dogs great features that qualify to be one of the best fishing for human assistants, they have a strong sense of smell, great speed, and physical strength as well as intelligence. Human began using dogs in order to catch since the foot, and succeeded in achieving excellent results throughout the ages thanks to dogs.
  • Responsibility: Man can during his upbringing dogs to strengthen a sense has responsibility, as a sense of responsibility can not be attained only when applied, can not be taught to read without practice, and the dog the best way to learn responsibility in terms of care granted by the owner to him, he has to keep it clean, and give him adequate and appropriate food, and teach him some important things to practice his life well.
  • Helping to manage things of everyday life: Dogs can achieve the benefit of the human being through some actions that help, such as killing or removal of harmful animals and insects to humans such as mice and bugs. The dog is also used to help people with visual disabilities to find their way and get the purposes for which they want.

Dogs in gear

Dogs are many different types, as some types used in special operations, such as inspections, VIP protection, and the search for bodies, and catch up with impact. Has been to take advantage of the sense of smell is very strong in dogs to search for drugs, CDs, computers, and other specific odors dogs are trained to detect them easily and effortlessly. The dogs were brought to the American army to alert soldiers to the presence of intruders on the site, and mine detection through the smell of gunpowder, as he was trained to detect ambushes in a non-bark, such as moving the guilt, or walk back. Some cases in which dogs have been honored where and give them have got arranged military. [3]


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