Benefits of damage slimming suit

Benefits of damage slimming suit


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Slimming suit

Considered slimming suit, or also known as the sauna suit of the means used widely to get rid of the problem of obesity and increase fitness; Because of their ease of use, high efficiency and speed time in reducing the weight of the regions of the buttocks and abdomen, and easy to move them and remove them and out of them.

Slimming suit made or sauna nylon and vinyl, rubber or plastic, which is very much like a suit of astronauts, where consists of a jacket and trousers, and used a substitute for the sauna and steam rooms, but it is very much like the work and results of the sauna, where raise body temperature and caused him severe sweating, and this reduces the weight and reduce it, so widely used among athletes and boxers to maintain their fitness.

Benefits of slimming suit

Slimming suit contributes to weight loss effectively, where to remove large amounts of water in the body by the heat that removes toxins and impurities harmful substances from the body, and to the other side reduce the rate of body weight, is also active process of metabolism, and improve the movement of blood circulation in the body, and enjoy the skin and peel, and so when you place creams and refreshments before use.

Damage suit slimming

  • Dehydration and loss of a large amount of water due to the slimming suit dependence on temperature and humidity basically.
  • Fever.
  • The incidence of strokes and heart palpitations due to dehydration caused by slimming suit when increasing body temperature excessive.
  • Diseases and kidney problems such as kidney failure due to the loss of large amounts of water is important for the health of the body.
  • Heart attacks, fainting, loss of consciousness, loss and loss of energy in the body.
  • Water from the body to lose, and does not decrease the fat found under the skin layers, so Fbdlh slimming is not guaranteed to keep body weight stable when used to avoid.
  • Relaxants and sagging abdominal muscles, making it difficult to get rid of fat in a process where afterwards.
  • Fatigue, dizziness and nausea due to high temperatures which dramatically.

How to use slimming suit

  • Drink plenty of water immediately before use.
  • Avoid use in hot weather dramatically.
  • CD slimming suit for your body when you feel sleepy or dizziness or severe headache.
  • Regularity and moderation in their use, and in order to ensure a satisfactory and effective result must diet in addition to exercise, which reduces weight and specialization beside the use of the sauna suit.


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