Benefits of Custard Hair oil

Benefits of Custard Hair oil


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Hair crown woman and a symbol of beauty, and every woman to take care of her hair by all means available to it, and we will talk in this article about the benefits of Custard oil, numerous hair, where is the Custard of seasonal plants pink, a medium-sized tree reaches a height of approximately seven meters, and is used as seeds only for many therapeutic benefits, and this plant is grown in the Levant and the Maghreb, Turkey, France and other countries where mountainous and cold areas, can be obtained from shops Attareen.

Benefits of Custard Hair oil

  • Moisturizing dry hair: and by putting Custard oil on the scalp with Tdena, and after washing the result will be silky smooth hair, where oil is Custard effective moisturizer for the hair.
  • Perfumed Hair: It is used for people with oily secretions in the scalp that causes the smell of troublesome hair, by mixing with water Custard grated and then put it on the head.
  • Address the problem of hair loss: Custard contains many important nutrients, and these materials help him to be a natural remedy for hair loss, it gives the required density of hair.
  • You can knead Custard with henna, to treat the problems already mentioned.

Benefits of Custard

  • It strengthens the senses.
  • It prevents rapid heart palpitations.
  • Some treats respiratory diseases such as asthma, shortness of breath.
  • Relieves symptoms of intestinal diseases Kalegrahh, and works as an antiseptic for the intestines.
  • It concludes kidney, liver, and spleen of impurities in them, helping to prevent the formation of stones in, and easing the pain resulting from the presence of impurities.
  • It helps people who suffer from the problem of thin to increase their weight.
  • Enters in the treatment of chills, and gout.
  • It relieves joint pain and swelling, which consists around.
  • Relieves lower back pain.
  • Tensile handles muscular, it helps relaxes the muscles.
  • It helps in the treatment of diabetes.
  • In addition to some special foods and sweets types applicable, it is characterized by its ability to improve food taste and aroma of pure.

How to Use Oil Custard

  • Mixed with bath water Custard powder, by a medium spoon for each bucket, which helps to get rid of colds, back pain, and liver.
  • Mix one teaspoon of ground Custard, with a hundred grams of brown sugar, twelve grain of sweet almond or cashew, and are dealt with on a daily basis for a period of twelve per day, for the treatment of back pain, muscle tension, and anemia.
  • Using the previous mixture without sugar for the treatment of diabetes, so taking it for a period of twenty-one consecutive days.
  • It gives Zakia smell of white cheese if it was added during boiling.


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