Benefits of Coconut Oil

Benefits of Coconut Oil


  • 1 coconut oil
  • 2 benefits of coconut oil 2.1 fat content 2.2 Benefits of coconut oil depending on the degree of efficiency 2.2.1 There is insufficient evidence of its effectiveness Insufficient Evidence 2.3 Benefits of coconut oil memory 2.4 Benefits of coconut oil teeth 2.5 Benefits of Coconut Oil Slimming 2.6 Studies on the benefits of coconut oil
  • 2.1 fat content
  • 2.2 Benefits of coconut oil depending on the degree of efficiency 2.2.1 There is insufficient evidence of its effectiveness Insufficient Evidence
  • 2.2.1 There is insufficient evidence of its effectiveness Insufficient Evidence
  • 2.3 Benefits of coconut oil memory
  • 2.4 Benefits of coconut oil teeth
  • 2.5 Benefits of Coconut Oil Slimming
  • 2.6 Studies on the benefits of coconut oil
  • 3 nutritional value of coconut oil
  • 4 damaged coconut oil 4.1 Oil safety grade coconut 4.2 Warning use coconut oil
  • 4.1 Oil safety grade coconut
  • 4.2 Warning use coconut oil
  • 5 Is there a difference between the benefits of coconut butter and olive oil
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Coconut Oil

The production of coconut oil (in English: Coconut oil) from the heart of the coconut fruit, which is one of the tropical fruits, enjoying a sweet and distinctive taste, there are two types of it; Coconut oil virgin (in English: Virgin coconut oil), which passes operations less treatment, enabling it to maintain its taste, while the second type is coconut oil refined (in English: Refined coconut oil), which runs manufacturing operations more processing, which reduces of natural taste and smell, and therefore it can be used for the purposes of cooking in many recipes, with a degree smoking coconut oil (in English: Smoke point); It is the temperature at which the oil begins to then produce smoke during cooking, Baltoksd which produces harmful compounds called roots free, between approximately 177 ° C for coconut oil virgin, and 204 ° C for coconut oil, refined, and therefore is characterized by coconut oil to maintain stability at exposure to heat, unlike some other types of oils. [1]

There are two ways to extract virgin coconut; Dry method (English: Dry method); And it is drained fruit pulp, to get rid of the water, and then squeeze to extract the oil, and the wet method (in English: Wet method); It is the era of fresh fruits directly without drying, to produce oil and coconut milk, which separates ways of fermentation, or using enzymes, or through the centrifuge (device in English: Centrifuge machines), the age of the fruit to extract are oil in two ways, either using heat or steam, or using the cold period; This method is not accompanied by a rise in temperature; Which may contribute to preserving the fruit content of food more. [2]

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Its fat content

There is a difference in the results of studies on the effect of fat that contains coconut oil in health, and in what detail it comes to:

  • The three medium Algelesaredat episodes: (English: Medium chain triglycerides); It is with a shorter chain fat than most of the fat they contain foods in the diet, and move these fats directly to the liver as soon as ingested, turns into a quick source of energy, or to ketones (in English: Ketones), which can be transformed into energy also for the brain. [3]
  • Fatty acid lauric: (English: Lauric acid), where the acid is 50% of the fatty acid content, which is the unit structural fat in coconut oil, and be when digested compounds called Bmonoloren (in English: Monolaurin), may help both lauric acid and compound Monoloren reduce the number of bacteria Staphylococcus aureus aureus (English: Staphylococcus aureus), which is one of the types of pathogenic bacteria and yeast albicans (in English: Candida albicans), one of the most popular types of yeast that causes the infection to humans. [3]
  • Saturated fat: The coconut oil content of high fat, where the form of saturated fat in which the proportion of up to 92%, associated with these fats increase cholesterol levels bad in the body, it is worth mentioning that there is a difference in the results of studies on the effect of coconut oil in cholesterol levels in the blood, as recommended by the American heart Association not to use coconut oil; High content of saturated fat, and the consumption of unsaturated fats instead, in a report published in the journal Circulation in 2017, [4] On the other hand, the content of lauric acid (in English: Lauric acid); Which is saturated fat, raises good cholesterol levels in the body, but nevertheless may increase the bad cholesterol ratios, total cholesterol also. [5]

The benefits of coconut oil depending on the degree of efficiency

  • The possibility of improving symptoms associated with breast cancer: In a preliminary study published in Lipids in Health magazine and Disease in 2014, was conducted on 60 infected women with breast cancer under chemotherapy, and found that eating coconut oil virgin, reduced the negative effects of the disease Kalaaia, and shortness of breath , loss of appetite, and reduced the side effects associated with chemotherapy. [6]
  • Reduce the duration of diarrhea: There is a difference in the results of studies on this effect, in a study published in the Pediatric Gastroenterology Journal and Nutrition, was conducted on a random sample of 73 children were male, suffering from drought simple degree to moderate as a result of injury of acute diarrhea, and between the ages between 3 to 14 months, and was fed baby milk cow, or follow a diet based on chicken, and the type of banana types, as well as coconut oil, and assess the time needed to get rid of diarrhea in the two groups, but noted that the diet that contains coconut oil Reduce the duration of diarrhea equivalent to 20 hours, compared with the other group, [7] but in other studies show that the impact was not better than dieting depends on the children's milk, so the effect of coconut oil alone is still not clear. [8 ]
  • Reduce the symptoms associated with Alzheimer's disease: It was found that these patients are unable to use glucose as a source of energy in the brain have, as mentioned earlier that the triglycerides medium-rings in coconut oil, go directly to the liver to form ketones in the blood, which can used as an alternative source of energy, and contribute to the relief of symptoms associated with Alzheimer's disease, but there is no sufficient evidence to prove it, and there is the need for further studies. [3] [9]
  • Reduce the symptoms associated with Crohn's disease: The Crohn's disease (in English: Crohn's disease); Of inflammatory bowel disease (in English: Inflammatory bowel disease), accompanied by some of the symptoms, such as swelling of the intestines, abdominal pain, cramps, diarrhea, fatigue, weight loss, anemia, in a preliminary study from Case Western Reserve University in 2017, was conducted on infected mice disease similar to Crohn's disease, and noted that the follow-rich diets vegetable fats, such as coconut oil, may help reduce the diversity of bacterial intestinal wall, thereby reducing the symptoms associated with the disease, inflammatory bowel in these mice, compared with mice other food systems addressed. [10] [11]
  • Reduce the symptoms associated with diabetes type II: to contain coconut oil on triglycerides medium loops, which may contribute to the reduction of weight, and in reducing the levels of insulin, which are associated with the injury of type II diabetes, in a preliminary study, published in Diabetes journal magazine the American Association of diabetes in 2009, and lasted for 4-5 weeks, to see the results of insulin resistance in mice suffering from diabetes type II, when their followers either a diet rich in Paljleceredat three medium loops, such as coconut oil, or triglycerides long loops consumption (English: long chain triglyceride), or a system a little diet high in fat, and mice showed that followed a diet of coconut oil, similar results in reducing insulin resistance with triglycerides long range, while the fat coconut oil, maintained a continuation of the work insulin in the muscles better, and reduced levels of fat in the body that cause obesity, and blood sugar levels, [12]
  • Reduce the symptoms associated with colonic nervous: The coconut oil is one of the few foods from their content Alfodmap (in English: FODMAP); Which is known as short chain carbohydrates, which are poorly absorbed in the small intestine, so the people with IBS must avoid consumption so as not to increase the severity of the symptoms they have, but observed when some drop people in the injury rate of constipation, which may accompany the colon and nervous when eating coconut oil per day, but studies that do not exist, and may contribute to coconut oil in reducing the duration of digestion, and motor activity of the intestines between meals, and on the other hand, observed that high amounts of these fat consumption in coconut oil may increase the contractions of the intestine , so the moderation in getting it as a kind of healthy fats is essential to prevent the aggravation of the case of patients with irritable bowel syndrome. [16] [17]
  • Other benefits There is not enough evidence of effectiveness: such as; Alleviation of chronic fatigue syndrome (in English: Chronic fatigue syndrome); It is a case of repeated fatigue that does not disappear after rest, improve thyroid disease (in English: Thyroid conditions), and other cases. [18]

Benefits of coconut oil memory

There are no studies indicate the ability of coconut oil to enhance memory or strengthened, but it is believed that it is possible to enhance brain function in people with Alzheimer's disease, which is the leading cause of dementia in older people all over the world, but this benefit is uncertain after, [3] to read more about it can refer to the paragraph the benefits of coconut oil.

Benefits of Coconut Oil teeth

Popularized among many people in the world to use coconut oil rinse it in a process called (in English: Oil pulling), and in fact, this practice is based on evidence and scientific studies, [19] However, some recent studies and preliminary have indicated that it is possible provide some benefits uncertain. in a small study published in the journal of contemporary dental practice in 2016 included 60 people observed that rinsing the mouth with coconut oil may reduce the growth of some types of pathogenic bacteria in the mouth, which keeps it clean, [20] as indicated study published in the Journal of Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry in 2011 that coconut oil may reduce the bad smell in the mouth, [21] in a study published in the Journal of the Nigeria Medical Association in 2015 found that Alamadmh coconut oil can reduce inflammation of the gums, [22] It is worth mentioning that these studies are small and uncertain to confirm the benefits of coconut oil, and coconut oil Rinsing is not a substitute for brushing teeth, or other important practices to take care of dental health. [23]

Benefits of Coconut Oil Slimming

Some of the few studies reported that there may be a trace of coconut oil in weight reduction, as a study conducted at the University of Science in Malaysia in 2011, the 20 participants and the participation of suffering from obesity, and observed that waist circumference (in English: Waist circumference); Which is one of the descent of weight indicators males fell to the subscribers at a rate of 2.86 cm, when eating coconut oil virgin certain amount for four weeks, but sufficient evidence of the effectiveness of the coconut oil does not exist in it, and there is a need for further studies on this effect. [24 ]

Studies on the benefits of coconut oil

  • Preliminary study of mice, published in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture magazine in 2017, that the virgin coconut oil may reduce the rate of development of fatty liver disease (in English: Hepatic steatosis); It combines large vesicles of triglycerides in the liver, the mice that followed the system of high fructose, where it is believed that coconut oil may contain elements of its properties contribute to the reduction of symptoms associated with some diseases of the liver, such as: increasing the level of glutathione, which affects antioxidant, and improve good cholesterol levels, and reduce the level of triglycerides in the liver and blood, and others. [25] [26]
  • She laboratory study published in Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine Journal in 2015, eating coconut oil virgin may reduce stress and physical fatigue, resulting from the exposed mice to the exercises stressful, and this effect is due high of fat triglycerides medium loops of content, where it was found that daily consumption of these fats may help reduce stress. [27]

To read about the general benefits of the fruits of the coconut you can refer to an article the benefits of eating coconut.

The nutritional value of coconut oil

The following table shows the nutrients that they contain a large spoon, or approximately 13.6 grams of coconut oil: [28]

Damage to coconut oil

Safety coconut oil grade

Eating coconut oil is often safe when consumed in the amounts found in food, and potentially its safety when dealing with large quantities of drug. [29]

Warning use coconut oil

There are some cases in which you should pay attention to the quantities consumed from coconut oil, and among them the following: [29]

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women: as sufficient evidence so far does not exist about the safety of the use of coconut oil by pregnant and breastfeeding women and should therefore be avoided consumption during this period.
  • Children: There is not enough evidence about the safety of eating coconut oil in large quantities by children, and therefore prefer to avoid consumption.

Is there a difference between the benefits of coconut butter and olive oil India

Coconut butter made from the fruit of the coconut full and may contain lower amounts slightly saturated fat compared Bsbet coconut, they also contain some nutrients that are not available in oil, is the most important fiber, since a large coconut butter spoon containing about Grameen fiber, also contain magnesium, potassium, in addition to iron, protein, however, the calorie content about coconut oil content of calories, they also provide the same benefits as well, and can be used coconut butter in desserts, but prefers not to use them in cooking, so they burn easily. [30]


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