Benefits of clove oil for Karsh

Benefits of clove oil for Karsh


It represents a clove or as it is called scientifically Clove one of the main types of aromatic plants with durable paper color wonderful and beautiful smell, where is grown widely in gardens and parks, as well as used in trade both for the purposes of decorations, gifts, or different perfume industry.

It is a natural stewardesses flavor and a type of special spices to improve the taste of different foods, and use of oil also cloves widely in many areas thanks to the active substances that make up, which makes it an effective treatment for many health problems, making it a key element in popular alternative medicine.

Benefits of clove oil for Karsh

It is one of the best types of natural oils used widely in the melt grease and fat accumulated in the rumen area or the abdomen, being very rich in fatty phenolic, as well as one of the most powerful natural anti-oxidant, which in turn helps the fat accumulated in the body's absorption, making it mainly to carve areas different from the body, including the rumen, and also helps to lift the region resulting from the sudden decrease in weight.

It is advised to mix two tablespoons of clove oil with two tablespoons of jasmine oil to get the best results in this side, and this fat mixture daily on the area to be Tnhifaa.

Benefits of clove oil

  • The cloves of the best natural elements help to solve various skin problems, especially the problem of grain and pimples including acne, thanks to contain a high proportion of eugenol cleanser for the skin, as delaying the appearance of signs of aging skin, including wrinkles, and is recommended by mixing a teaspoon clove powder with one teaspoon of honey and a few drops of lemon with each other, and put this mixture on the skin for a period of not less than twenty minutes.
  • Helps to treat various digestive system problems, and that by killing bacteria stomach, and also addresses the problems of indigestion and bulges and the accumulation of gases.
  • For this type of high plant's ability to increase the secretion of insulin in the blood, which makes it very useful for patients with diabetes, also it lowers blood glucose, reduces the rate of cholesterol LDL in the blood, which protects against heart disease and clogged arteries and blood vessels.
  • Helps to get rid of various hair problems, including the problem of precipitation, by washing hair tea cloves, leaving a certain period, and then shampooing, which helps to give him the necessary softness and vitality, it nourishes Besellath and roots, which helps to strengthen.


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