Benefits of Cinnamon Shapers

Benefits of Cinnamon Shapers


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  • 4.1 Is cinnamon help to prevent the accumulation of fat
  • 4.2 Is Cinnamon oil is useful for slimming
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The cinnamon, also known as scholars of the ancient spices, which is extracted from the bark of trees permanent cinnamon evergreen which follows to the platoon antral (in English: Laurel family), [1], and cassia are two main types, the first type is the cinnamon gonorrhoeae (in English: Ceylon cinnamon) also known as cinnamon or Alsrlankih real cinnamon, while the second type is Chinese (cinnamon in English: Cassia cinnamon), which is the most prevalent type at the present time. [2]

Benefits of Cinnamon Shapers

Chinese cinnamon may contribute to reducing the risk of obesity, but the interest is still in need of further studies to prove, [3] as some of the evidence showed that cinnamon gonorrhoeae a day for between two to three months does not reduce body weight, [4] and it is noteworthy that cinnamon alone does not lead to the descent of weight, while adding them may help to a healthy diet and exercise on the descent of weight, as it is believed that cinnamon may help to reduce the bad effects of eating foods rich in Baldehnaat, in addition to their effect on blood sugar levels . [5]

It is worth mentioning that the weight reduction healthy and progressive manner needs to follow a number of steps; Where there is no one reason for obese or overweight, as well as there is no single solution to this problem as well, [6] The secret to the success of the descent of the weight and maintain the new weight by taking a group of permanent lifestyle changes include follow some habits of health; Control a calorie intake, with increased physical activity. [7]

Other studies on the benefits of cinnamon for slimming

  • Indicated a review of several studies published in the Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences Journal in 2016 that cinnamon may reduce the risk of injury syndrome metabolic (in English: Metabolic syndrome) by alleviating the symptoms that are accompanied, as it addressed by lowering blood pressure, levels of sugar and fats in the blood, and reduce the incidence of obesity indicators such as the ratio of waist measurement to the hip measurement, and body mass index. [8] [9]
  • , Showed a study published in PLoS One magazine in 2015, which was conducted on a group of people with introductions diabetes (in English: Prediabetes), and overweight or obese that eating dietary supplements containing cinnamon, and the element chromium (English: Chromium) , and Rnusin (in English: Carnosine), have reduced the levels of sugar fasting, and increased body mass fat-free (in English: fat free mass) study participants also noted that these supplements have their effect greater in than they have sugar levels of fasting higher . [10]

Frequently Asked Questions about the benefits of cinnamon for slimming

Is cinnamon help to prevent the accumulation of fat

One of the initial laboratory studies conducted on a cinnamon component showed a compound called cinnamaldehyde (in English: Cinnamaldehyde) was published in Metabolism magazine in 2018, that this compound has a catalytic effect for the metabolism of fat cells in the human tissues and mice, which means that it may contribute to reduce obesity, but it is worth noting that this interest is still uncertain and need further studies to confirm it, [11] also showed one laboratory studies conducted on a group of mice and published in Scientific Reports magazine in 2017, that cinnamon increases the number of cells adipose tissue brown (in English: Brite cells), which cells help to increase the burning of calories, and reduce obesity in mice. [12] It is worth mentioning that cinnamon content of polyphenols may contribute to reducing inflammation, and oxidative stress (in English: oxidative stress ), high fat (in English: hyperlipidemia), weight, and the proportion of visceral fat (in English: visceral fat), and improve insulin resistance (in English: insulin resistance), and according to d A study conducted on mice and published in the journal Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity 2017. [13]

Is Cinnamon oil is useful for slimming

Extracted cinnamon oil from the bark and leaves of several species of trees, including cinnamon tree gonorrhoeae, and the tree of Chinese cinnamon, which are more common and makes them most of the oil in the market, it is worth mentioning that there are no studies to prove the role of cinnamon oil in reducing weight, and should be noted it might not be safely dealt with cinnamon oil, as it may cause eating some side effects, such as diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, and irritation in some tissues of the body and other problems, so most of the uses of this oil are external. [4] [14]


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