Benefits of Cinnamon Hair Oil

Benefits of Cinnamon Hair Oil

Cinnamon oil

Know Cinnamon being one of the most spice famous in the world, and may not have cinnamon these famous oil, but it contains many health benefits it is a component of good proportions of antioxidants with properties of control of bacteria, and this oil benefits are limited on the side of feeding only, it is of important oils that are used in the aesthetic side.

As it enters into a lot of recipes and lotions aesthetic, particularly in those preparations involved hair, which protect it from damage and problems of drought, as it is important to nourish the skin and moisture and protect it from infections, one of the oils that stimulate the mind well, and help reduce damage some diseases, such as diabetes.

Cinnamon trees originate in tropical regions of the Asian continent, especially in the country of India and Sri Lanka, but at the present time, this has become the trees are located in the entire tropics, and is extracted from the peels, leaves and twigs for this tree cinnamon oil, but must dry these leaves and twigs before the distillation process of steam to extract the oil, and the most important chemical compounds that make up this oil eugenol and eugenol acetate, and benzyl benzoate, and cinnamic aldehyde.

Cinnamon Hair Oil

Cinnamon oil from natural oils that are used in the preparation of multiple recipes for hair care, so that this oil contains many nutritious ingredients and vitamins that help protect hair from weather factors volatile, and drought, damage, and does this oil stimulate blood circulation in the head, which increases blood flow in the hair follicles and result in hair regeneration naturally and rapid growth, and this oil protects from exposure resulting from hair loss baldness, as it gives hair softness and luster and protect him from embrittlement.

Recipes Cinnamon Oil For Hair

  • Cinnamon for the softness of hair oil: Put the amount of cinnamon oil on the palm of your hands, preferably with cinnamon oil on modern production, massaging the scalp and hair from the roots to the parties with oil, taking into account massage the scalp with circular movements, keep the oil on the hair for twenty minutes and then rinse with warm water shampoo, beware of the occurrence of this oil on the clothes or furniture, it leaves an impact is difficult to get rid of it.
  • Cinnamon oil and olive oil to strengthen the hair and shine: Put the equal of virgin olive oil with modern cinnamon oil, the amount of production and Amsjehm well, full hair massage the scalp with oil, and keep the oil on your hair for about almost time and then wash your hair well, and repeat this recipe twice a week to get the best results.
  • Cinnamon and honey oil to get rid of hair loss: Put a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and two tablespoons of cinnamon oil with a large tablespoon of natural honey and a little olive oil, mix the ingredients well and rub your hair, and kept the recipe on the hair for a quarter of an hour, and then wash your hair well.


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