Benefits of Chia seeds Shapers

Benefits of Chia seeds Shapers


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Shea seeds

Shea is the seeds of small-sized seeds, flat and oval shape, with a smooth and shiny texture, and color ranging between white and brown to black, has been known for more than 5,500 years; As it was an important part of the diet of the peoples of the Aztecs and the Maya, it is worth mentioning that the shea seeds contain large amounts of fiber, omega-3, proteins of high quality, and a number of minerals and antioxidants. [1] [2]

Benefits of Chia seeds Shapers

The shea seeds of the few foods in calories and rich in fiber that increases the duration of the feeling of fullness; Where Each tablespoon of them nearly five grams of fiber, and thus may help consumption on the descent of the weight, it is also characterized by a high content of omega-3, acid linoleic (in English: Linoleic acid) which may contribute to weight loss, and when mixing the seeds with water, they turn into a gel digested slowly, delaying the feeling of hunger, [3] but it's worth noting that there are not enough studies to prove the benefit of eating shea slimming seeds, in a study published in Nutrition Research Journal in 2009, found that eating 50 grams of Chia seeds for 12 week by people suffering from obesity did not have any positive effect in the body mass index, [4] which means that there is a need for further studies on the role of the seeds of Shea in helping to lose excess weight. [5]

To read more about the general benefits of the seeds of Shea you can refer to an article What are the benefits of shea seeds.

How do I use the seeds of Shea Shapers

There is no single reason for weight gain or obesity so the weight loss does not depend on the method or only one step, but you must follow a number of simple steps to lose weight gradually, [6] Although the studies did not prove the effectiveness of the use of the seeds of Shea in order to decrease weight, but it can be consumed in many ways to get other benefits, by adding them to a cup of yogurt, or a glass of juice, or crushed and added to recipes; Since they do not lose a bit of their nutritional value if they become a powder [7] and, as noted earlier, it gives texture Hlamaa, making it suitable for making a healthy pudding, as they do not give a strong taste can be distinguished; So it can easily be added for each of the pasta, salads, soups, cakes, sauces. [8]

Video Benefits of Chia seeds

These seeds may sing small meals great benefits. Know here more on shea seeds: [9]


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