Benefits of chewing gum oil for hair

Benefits of chewing gum oil for hair


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Oil gum

Oil chewing gum; It is to extract oil from the plant gum, and called by many titles including, Alkndr or chewing gum Shahri, a small tree growing in the mountainous areas, and a height of more than arms, and months, and the finest types of Omani frankincense, and was used in ancient times as a kind of incense kind of smell, which is characterized by , and chewed by mouth Kalalk, it spreads its presence in many countries, including; Northern Somalia, Ethiopia, and Yemen.

Oil consists of chewing gum; Alpha-pinene, and Aloktanol, and Burnell, and acetate, and linalool, and octyl acetate, and Alansinsul.

Benefits of chewing gum oil

  • According to the uterus and regulates the secretion of the hormone estrogen.
  • It helps in the healing of wounds, ulcers and burns.
  • It stimulates the role of muscles and cures Chnjha.
  • It strengthens the gums.
  • Prevents bleeding.
  • Handling of colds; Cough, flu and asthma.
  • It protects against oral infections, and rid him of the bad smell.
  • According to memory, and increases the ability to concentrate.
  • It stimulates the role of the digestive system to do his job, and reduces diarrhea, and facilitates the process of digestion, and protects against the acidity of the stomach, and is relieved of gas and bloating.
  • Struggling from various types of cancers; Such as cancers of the uterus, skin, blood, prostate, and pancreas.
  • It reduces the symptoms of premature aging; Including the emergence of wrinkles, stretch marks skin, moles, and the handling of various skin problems; Kalpthor, boils, grain, Khab young people, and rid of the dark spots, and eliminates dead skin cells.
  • Struggling from insomnia.
  • Rid of the manifestations of anxiety, tension, and depression.
  • It enhances the role of the immune system to carry out its functions.
  • Heals back pain and spine.
  • Treated ear infections.
  • Enters the perfume industry.
  • Handling of headaches and migraine.
  • Liver and strengthening benefits.
  • Struggling from nausea and vomiting.
  • Rid of phlegm.
  • Increases milk yield for the nursing mother.
  • According to bone fragility.
  • Earns the parties to the hands and feet warm.
  • Generates urine.

Note; It advised not to use it for pregnant women, because it contains materials to avoid holding her risk of bleeding.

Benefits of chewing gum hair

  • Eliminates dandruff.
  • It reduces hair loss.
  • It increases the density.
  • It activates blood circulation in the scalp; Which stimulates the growth.

Method of use are as follows: take a little chewing gum oil and massage the scalp, leaving them 3-5 hours or be used before going to sleep and wash it in the next morning, to get the best results from using two to three times a week.

Some oils useful for hair

  • Oil Watercress; So that the handling of dry hair, nourishes Besellath, reduces hair loss and brittleness.
  • Castor oil; It protects hair from the harmful effect of the sun's rays, and Ardoba; Because it contains omega-3 acids.
  • Lavender oil; Intensify hair, and fed many of the vitamins necessary for the growth and Extendible.
  • Oil chewing gum; The important oils for hair care where it enters in many cosmetics, hair care.


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