Benefits of chewing gum oil

Benefits of chewing gum oil

Oil gum

Is Aldkr of the most popular natural elements gum containing ingredients make oil extracted from it mainly for the treatment of many diseases and various health problems, which extracts the essential oil from Alooulibm trees and includes a range of key components led by alpha-pinene and Aloktanol and Burnell acetate and linalool, in addition to octyl acetate and Alansinsul, and this explains the entry in many areas, whether health or cosmetic or food and many others, and because of its importance we chose to review the most prominent benefits in this area extensively.

Benefits of chewing gum oil

  • Oil is chewing gum of the best natural elements that have the disinfection and sterilization property of the bacteria, which makes it suitable for different treatment Haust and sterilized and to prevent contamination and inflammation.
  • Solve various digestive problems, as it is repelling gas, wind and various bulges and intestinal disorders of the various, is considered as one of the best diuretics, making it one of the best natural elements useful for those who are suffering from various intestinal coli problems, as well as relieves diarrhea and helps to tighten the stomach, which is very useful for lactating women as generating milk.
  • It is one of the health of very useful elements of the uterus in women, where he works as a stimulant of the uterus, which facilitates pregnancy and childbirth, as well as it protects against the form of the uterus and serious tumors of cancer bags in that area which is known as uterine cancer, and various pressures that eventually lead to cycle interruption or monthly menstruation.
  • Is one of the best holding material, being carries the drug properties of the clutch, making it an effective treatment for hair problems different being strengthens follicles and hair roots, and tonic for the blood vessels and tonic muscles and joints, as losing excess weight of the abdomen and the limbs and intestines that accompanies advancing age and old age, in addition to it is a cure for the problems of asthma.
  • Handles gum problems and mouth, being one of the most powerful disinfectants, which reduces the severity of dental pain and oral ulcers, and helps to get rid of odors, and gum infections, and this explains the entry in many combination of mixtures of natural and recipes as well as industrial special oral care.
  • It strengthens the body's immune system, which fights all the germs and bacteria that are exposed to the body and contributes to the protection of various pathological enemies.
  • Treats boils, scars, pimples and smallpox record time, which reduces the stretch to the maximum degree possible, and hides the signs of surgery and cracks resulting from pregnancy, childbirth and other symptoms without side remember.


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